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1.stay(与remain 同义)


One can‟t expect to stay young forever.


It is reported that the weather will stay hot for some days. 据说天气还要持续炎热。


Don‟t stay out too late.


I‟ll stay to see what will happen.


2.exercise 作“锻炼”讲时,是不可数名词。

Every day he does lots of exercise.


Every day the students must do lots of exercises.

3. dying是die的现在分词,用做形容词,为“快要死的”“快要消失的”Nothing can save the dying person.


Add some wood to the dying fire.

“dying to do sth”为“非常渴望做某事”

I am dying to see you.他想见你想得要死了。



The girl has a good figure.


I saw a figure in the night and disappeared quickly.我看到黑暗中有一身影然后消失了。B)“画像、肖像、数字、图表”

He has an income of six figures


Look at the two figures in the book.



Have you figured out(worked out)how much the holiday cost?(你算出假期的开销了吗?)

I have never been to figure him out.


5. especially为“尤其、特别”

I don‟t like bright colours,especially red.


This is a very common word,especially in spoken English.


I like the country,especially in spring.


Noise is unpleasant, especially when you are going to sllep.


6. ashamed/shame


He felt ashamed of having done so little work


She feels too ashamed to ask for help.他不好意思让人家帮忙。


It‟s a shame to cheat in the exam.考试中**是可耻的。


His mother keeps asking him not to smoke,but it doesn‟t work.


I bought a recorder yesterday here,but it doesn‟t work.


Your idea sounds good,but it won‟t work.你的想法不错,但行不通”


He has fully recovered from his illness.他已经完全康复了。

The city has recovered form the war.小城已经从战争中恢复了。


He is a good match.(他是一个好丈夫)

The chairs and desks are a good match.这些椅子和桌子很相配。


He is so excellent,no one can match him. 他是如此优秀,无人能比。No one can match him in knowledge of English.

Why not buy a tie to match your shirt?为什么不买一个领带配你的衬衫。


be worth doing “值得做谋事”

The car is worth 30000 yuan.

His suggestion is worth nothing. 他的建议没有价值。

The film is worth seeing.这部电影值得一看。

The book is worth reading a second time. 这本书值得读第二遍。


They were greatly touched(moved)by the old man‟s story.


It is such a touching(moving) story that we were touched(moved) by it.



Someone touched me on the shoulder.某人碰了一下我的肩膀。

12.“embrrass”做及物动词为“使人感到困窘、尴尬”用法同“excite,interest,frustrate.touch”The situation embrrassed me very much.这种情形使我感到很尴尬。

We were embrrassed at the embrrassing situation.


一. 单选

1—5 BDACB 6—10 DDABB

21—25 CDACB 26—30 CBABD

1.The work was finished sooner than ____.

A. expecting

B. expected

C. is expected

D. we were expected

2. —When will Mother come back?

—She _____ to be here by eight o‟clock tonight.

A.is supposing

B. supposed

C. was supposed

D. is supposed

3. I‟m ____your class today so you must do ____ I tell you.

A. in charge of; as

B. instead of; what

C. in the form of; like

D. looking at; as

4. History is _______ a subject which only lets us know something in history..

A. not more than

B. less than

C. more than

D. no more than

5. In the past few years, Chinese scientists ________ great success in the field of space flight.

A. achieved

B. have achieved

C. won

D. had won

6. Hand in hand with reading, Dave ____ the habit of making notes.

A. caused

B. brought

C. created

D. developed

7. They have to explain ______ us the reason _____ their doing so.

A. /; of

B. with; about

C. /; for

D. to; for

8. My father and his teacher talked for about an hour of things and persons ______ they

remembered at the school.

A. that

B. which

C. who

D. what

9. Mary __________ to know where you have been, as she has something important to tell you.

A. is hoped

B. is dying

C. is wanting

D. dies

10. They must have finished the task by the end of last month, ___________?

A. mustn‟t they

B. hadn‟t they

C. haven‟t they

D. didn‟t they


A marketing director for a famous computer manufacturer was designing a new advertisement for his company. While researching consumers‟ response to his product, he asked, “Ships are commonly referred to as …she‟ or …her‟. What gender (性别) would you give to your computer? Give four reasons to support your answer.

A large group of women reported that the computers should be referred to as “he” or “him”because:

1. In order to get their attention, you have to turn them on.

2. They have a lot of data, but are still hard to understand.

3. They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they are problems.

4. As soon as you buy one, you realize that, if you had waited a little longer you could have had

a better model.

The men, on the other hand, said that computers should be referred to as “she” or “her” because: 1. The language they use to communicate with other computers is impossible to understand for most men.

2. Even your smallest mistakes are stored in the long-term memory and will be remembered forever.

3. As soon as you get one, you find yourself spending half your money on accessories (附件) for it.

21. In fact, computers really _______.

A. should be referred to as “she”

B. should be talked about as “he”

C. are neither “she” nor “he”

D. are either “he” or “she”

22. Why did the man ask people such a strange question?

A. Because he was a marketing director of a computer company.

B. Because he was not sure whether to use “she” or “he” for his computer.

C. Because he wanted to make special computers for men and women.

D. Because he was planning an advertisement for his computer.

23. From the women‟s answers, we can see _______.

A. they generally don‟t know as much about computer as men do

B. they want to use a computer without turning it on

C. they can‟t make up their minds when to buy a new computer

D. they love computers as much as they love their husbands


No one is glad to hear that his body has to be cut open by a surgeon(外科医生)and part of it taken out.Today,however,we needn‟t worry about feeling pain during the operation.The sick person falls into a kind of sleep,and when he awakes,the operation is finished.But these happy conditions are fairly new.

Long ago,operation usually had to be done while the sick man could feel everything.The sick man had to be held down on a table by force while the doctors did their best to save him.He

could feel all the pain if his leg or arm was being cut off,and his fearful cries filled the room and the hearts of those who watched.

Soon after 1770,Josept Priestley discovered a gas which is now called “laughing gas”.Laughing gas became known in America.Young men and women went to parties to try it.Most of them spent their time laughing,but one man at a party,Horace Wells,noticed that people didn‟t seem to feel pain when they were using this gas.He decided to make an experiment on himself.He asked a friend to help him.

Wells took some of the gas,and his friend pulled out one of Wells‟ teeth.Wells felt no pain at all.

As he didn‟t know enough about laughing gas,he gave a man less gas than he should have.The man cried out with pain when his tooth was being pulled out.

Wells tried again,but this time he gave too much of the gas,and the man died.Wells never forgot this terrible event.

24. Long ago,when the sick man was operated on, he _________.

A.could feel nothing

B. could not want anything

C.could feel all the pain

D.could do anything

25. Using the laughing gas, the people did not seem to _________.

A.be afraid of anything

B.feel pain

C.want to go to the parties

D.be ill

26. If a man took less laughing gas than he should have when an operation went on, he _________.

A.felt nothing

B.felt very comfortable

C.still felt pain

D.would die

27. One who took too much of the laughing gas _________.

A.would laugh all the time

B.would die

C.would never feel pain

D. would be very calm






现在的减肥药真的是真假难分,在选择减肥药的同时也应该更加小心,减肥药多种多样,那么如何才能选择最安全有效的减肥药,也成了很多小仙女的内心疑问,下面就跟着体育万博app小编一起看一下,如何选择最安全有效的减肥药。 最安全有效的减肥药选购方法 1、首先需要观察产品的外包装,在包装中可以看到其配方是不是含有激素,含有激素的减肥药对身体的内..




随着现在流行以瘦为美,很多人会不顾身体的健康选择减肥药,达到快速减肥瘦身的效果,但是很多减肥药都是有副作用的,副作用比较轻的就是失眠现象,那么吃减肥药出现失眠是怎么回事儿?如果出现失眠后,我们应该怎样缓解? 吃减肥药失眠是怎么回事 减肥药中富含安非他命,所以减肥药服用了太多会有失眠现象,服用减肥药期间,身体会逐渐出现抗药性,身..