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How I Met Y our Mother: Settle Down!安定下来!白洁发布日期:2013年3月13日Settle Down 安定下来

Kids, earlier in this story you may recall me saying something along the lines of:


OK. No more dating. I am ready to settle down.


Settle down 的意思就是跟你的女友或者男友定下来,准备好结婚。

Y ou've been with Ryan for 3 years! Are you ready to settle down?


Y eah I am SO ready for him to propose!


And at the time I probably thought I meant it.


I mean it! 我说真的!

Stop dancing around! 别再接着跳舞了!

(other person dancing)

I mean it! Stop! 我是认真的!停下!

I didn't mean it! 我不是故意的!

I can't believe you don't like my glasses


I didn't mean it! I was joking!


But kids, I'll be honest, being single's fun.


As a young, unattached man in New Y ork City I had a great time.


unattached 单身

My sister is still unattached. And she's 35!


That's OK! She'll find her soulmate someday!


A great time. 很好玩哦!

What was I saying? 我在说什么?

Oh yeah. I had such a great time that it took someone very special

to make me want to settle down.


And that someone was Jeanette.


What made Jeanette so special?


That was a foul!! 那就是犯规!!!

Jeanette was the last girl I dated before I met your mother.


The girl who finally got me to say: "No more dating."


I'm ready to settle down. 我准备好定下来。

And really mean it. 我说真的。

美国最新俚语:All Kinds of Crazy! 非常疯狂!白洁发布日期:2013年3月15日

我们今天一起来看看白洁和她的好友都会用的新美语slang! 这些新的美语日常交际是很口语的!

1) (___)-fest 会有很多, 形容某件东西很多

-fest 会有很多, 形容某件东西很多

Are you excited for the party? 要去参加派对,你兴奋吗?

Y eah! It's gonna be a babe-fest! 非常兴奋啊!派对会有很多美女来参加啊!

Are you excited to go to the party? 要去参加派对,你兴奋吗?

No. It's gonna be a nerd-fest. I'm not gonna stay very long. 不。派对会有很多书呆子来参加。我不会待很久的。Y ou wanna go see the new Oz movie with me? 你想跟我一起去看看新的Oz电影吗?

No! I heard it was gonna be a complete snooze-fest. 不想哦!我听说Oz非常无聊哦!

2) Woot! Woop! 表示欣喜!你也可以说Woo-hoo!

Woot! Woop! 表示欣喜!你也可以说Woo-hoo!

I'm gonna take a trip to NYC! Woot! 我要去纽约市玩!耶!!

I aced my test! Woop! 我考试考得好极了!耶!

3) all kinds of 非常

all kinds of 非常"all kinds of" 一般的意思是"各种",比如All kinds of puppies 各种小狗,但是在这的意思是"非常""形容词"

Why did Ryan break up with Rachel? Ryan 为什么跟Rachel分手啊?

Because that girl is all kinds of crazy! He couldn't take it anymore! 因为这个女孩子非常疯狂啊!他受不了了! Hey, wanna go grab some lunch? 嘿,想跟我一起出去吃午饭吗?

No, I can't. I'm all kinds of busy! I gotta keep working. 不行。我特忙!我要继续工作。

My Phone Died! 手机没电了!OMG美语- 白洁发布日期:2013年3月21日


messed up 有问题

drop call 电话断了,断线

My iPhone is messed up. It keeps dropping calls!


get cut off 电话断了

spotty service 手机信号不好

Hello? Are you there?


Sorry! Service is so spotty here. We keep getting cut off!


Can you hear me now?


Hello? Are you there? Can you hear me now??


My phone's dead! My phone died! 手机没电了

Oh no! I think my phone died!


I need to charge it, I need to plug it in


My phone died, I need to plug it in.


'22' by T aylor Swift 2013年3月22日我们今天一起来看看Taylor Swift最新的歌曲!22!

It feels like a perfect night 今夜似乎是个完美夜晚

to dress up like hipsters 打扮成文青

and make fun of our exes 嘲笑我们的旧恋人Hipster 文艺青年

我认识很多hipsters,他们都骑自行车上下班或者上学, 他们穿skinny的牛仔裤和American Apparel的deep V-neck体恤;他们吃素,有的甚至是vegan.他们也都知道最新最fashion的音乐。他们也会带很大的眼镜。Y ou wanna see a pic of my new BF? 想看看我新男朋友的照片吗?

Sure! ...OMG! He is such a hipster! 好啊!。天啊!他好像是文艺青年啊!哈哈!

Y eah! I think hipsters are super cute. 对啊!我觉得文艺青年好可爱哦!

and make fun of our exes 嘲笑我们的旧恋人

It feels like a perfect night 今夜似乎是个完美夜晚

for breakfast at midnight 来个午夜的早餐

to fall in love with strangers ah, ah. ah, ah. 爱上陌生人

Y eah we're happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time 我们同时感到欢乐自由迷惑, 寂寞

It's miserable and magical, oh yeah 真是糟糕却又如此奇幻

Tonight's the night when we forget about the deadlines, its time 今天是忘记时间的一夜就是现在

I don't know about you 不知你是怎么想的

but I'm feeling 22 但我感到年轻似22岁

Everything will be alright if 每件事情都如此美好

you keep me next to you 如果你将我留在身边

Y ou don't know about me 你不认识我

but I'll bet you want to 但我敢说你一定想了解我

Everything will be alright if 每件事情都如此美好

We just keep dancing like we're...22, 22 如果我们一直跳舞...就像我们22岁一样

短信聊天缩略语:DFTBA = Don't Forget T o Be Awesome 别忘了,你很棒啊!2013年3月25日


DFTBA = Don't Forget T o Be Awesome 别忘了,你很棒啊!

NB! = Not bad! 不错!

LOL! = Laugh Out Loud! 大笑!哈哈哈!

Hey, how r u? 嘿,怎么样?

NB! Super busy right now, stressed. 不错!特忙啊,压力很大

OK I'll text u later. 好啊,等会儿跟你聊聊

DFTBA! 别忘了,你很棒啊!

LOL U 2! 哈哈你也是啊!

SMH = Shaking My Head 摇头

SMH 2 = Shaking My Head too 我也摇头

I am so mad at Tom. 我生Tom的气了。

What happened? 怎么了?

He keeps texting his old girlfriend. 他一直发短信给他的前女友!

SMH. Not cool! 摇头。不行啊!

SMH 2. 我也摇头。

LMK = Let Me Know 告诉我

Hey, wanna get dinner later? 嘿,我们一起吃晚饭吧

Sure, what do u wanna eat? 好啊,吃什么?

I dunno, lemme think about it. 不知道啊,我想想

谁来买单?Split It! Splitsies! AA制!发布日期:2013年3月12日


split it, splitsies, split it down the middle = AA制

Here's the check ladies. I'll take this whenever you're ready, OK? 这是付账。你们准备好我就会回来拿,好码? Wanna split it? AA制?

Sure! 好啊!

Splitsies? AA制?

Ok! 好啊!

Just split it down the middle please. 我们AA制,好吗?

Ok I'll be right back! 好啊!我马上回来!

go threesies 3个人分担

Here's the check ladies. I'll take this whenever you're ready, OK? 这是付账。你们准备好我就会回来拿,好码? OK you guys wanna go threesies on this one? 好啊,我们3个人分担,怎么样?

Sure let's split it 3 ways. 好啊,我们三个人分摊。

I got this 我来付吧

No, it's OK, I got this. 不,没事,我来付吧。

No! Let's split it! 不!大家分担吧!

Y eah, le'ts go threesies! 对啊!我们都AA制!

No, it's my treat! 不!我请你们吧!

靠过去一点!Scoot! Scootch! 发布日期:2013年3月11日

看美剧学英语:Big Bang Theory! 生活大爆炸!2013年3月8日

美语- Big Bang Theory: Y ou Made My Day!

Hello Sheldon! 你好Sheldon!

Hello! How is the final stage of your nicotine addiction study going?


Fine. Just hold on. Mommy's on the phone!! 还好吧。等一下。妈妈来电话!!

Sorry. We've cut the monkeys down to one cigarette a day. So things are a little intense!


Good news! The newest episode of "Fun with Flags" is online!

好消息!最新一集"Fun with Flags"上网了!

Oh, that's right! How'd it go with Penny? 哦!对啊!你和Penny的合作怎么样?

这是很口语的说法!你想知道一件事的最新发展,可以问"How'd it go?" 比如说:

I took my test 我考完试了

How'd it go? 考得怎么样?

Much better than I expected! 比我预料的要好得多!

She even gave me some helpful tips about acting and body language.


Body language 就是身势语。如果你能看出某人有什么感觉,那就是他的Body language 。

Watch. Welcome to my world. Not welcome to my world


Welcome. Not welcome 欢迎。不欢迎。

Subtle, but powerful. 微妙的,但很强大。

I know. I'm still learning to control it.

Did you tell Penny how helpful she was?


Why would I do that? 我为什么要这么做呢?

Because she's your friend. And she did a nice job. I'm sure she'd like to hear it.


Alright 好啊

I didn't mean now!! Hello?? Y eah yeah, youd like a cigarette!? Well I'd like a normal boyfriend!! Deal with it!!

我不是说现在啊!喂!?好啊好啊!你要一根香烟!我还要一位正常的男朋友呢! 凑合点吧!

Hi!What's up? 嘿!干嘛?

Do you want me to close the door so you can do your knocking thing?


No. I didn't start yet. It's fine. 不。我还没开始。没事。

OK. So what do you need? 好啊。你需要什么呢?

Well I was thinking about you helping me out last night Penny. 我正在想昨天晚上你帮了我,Penny.

And I just wanted to tell you, Penny. 我只想告诉你, Penny.

That the answer to the question "Who did a great job?" is you, Penny.


Really? 真的?

Y es! you were very natural in front of the camera. 真的!你在摄像机前很自然。

And I found your suggestions extremely helpful. 你的建议帮我很大的忙!

A w Sweetie! Y ou just made my day! 哦,亲爱的。听你这么说我太高兴了!

一件事让你很高兴的时候,比如Sheldon表示感谢,你就会说Y ou just made my day!意思就是'你让我非常高兴啊!"

OK. 好啊。

跟Beat有关的日常口语:Beat it 走开!Beats Me! 我不知道!2013年3月7日

Beats me 我不知道

E-vite 邀请函

When does the party start? 派对什么时候开始?

Beats me! Look at the e-vite. 不知道啊!看看网上的邀请函!

I'm beat 我很累

Wanna go shopping? 你想跟我一起去逛街吗?

No thanks. I just ran 5 miles and I'm beat! 不想去了。我刚跑完5英里,累死了!

beat 音乐节奏

白洁isn't a very good dancer. She can't dance to the beat. 白洁不太会跳舞。她跳舞赶不上节奏。

Beat me up over it 因为某事责备我

I can't believe you're late! I've been waiting for 45 minutes! 我怎么这么晚!我等了45分钟啦!

Don't beat me up over it! I was stuck on the subway! 别说我了!我堵在地铁上了!

to beat 打败

We beat the #1 team in the league! 我们的队打败了联赛中最好的队!

Beat it 走开!

Michael Jackson 最有名的歌曲之一也叫"Beat It!"

Hi 白洁。Are you still mad at me? 嘿白洁。你还生我的气吗?

Beat it! I don't want to talk to you! 走开!我不想跟你说话啊!

MTV - Beat It by Michael Jackson

看美剧学英语之《破产姐妹》- 2 Broke Girls: Go Ham! 2013年3月6日

OMG! 美语- 2 Broke Girls: Go Ham!


I can't believe this! I'm standing in a flying living room eating ham!


That's prosciutto from Italy. 那是来自意大利的火腿!

It's ham from right over there. 这是那边那火腿。

And I'm about to go ham on this ham! 那我就要干掉这火腿!

To go ham on是很口语的说法!意思就是很努力地做某件事。

I went ham at the gym today! I ran on the treadmill for 45 minutes!!


It's been 2 hours! When is 2 Chainz gonna wake up? I want a picture!

已经两个小时啦!2 Chainz什么时候醒啊?我想照张相!

Y ou want him to wake up for a picture? I'll handle that.


Anything? 他醒了吗?

Nothing. Do it again! 没醒。再来一次吧!

Wow that Sleepy Time really knocks you out! He must have 2-bagged it!


Sleepy Time 的意思就是帮助你入睡的茶,比如宁神茶。

I drink sleepy time every night before I go to bed.


Sleepy Time knocks you out 的意思就是喝宁神茶之后就会让你沉睡。

That long day at the office really knocks her out.


He 2-bagged it 的意思就是他喝茶的时候,用了两个茶袋。

I like drinking really strong tea, so I 2-bag it!


你也可以说double-bag it!

He's totally out! Let's just do it! 他彻底睡死了!我们上!

Wait. We're just gonna take his picture. Nothing else, right?


Y es! 当然啊!。

Because I can see how these things can get out of hand.


OK! I'm first! 好啊!我先来啊!

Wait, do another! Do another! 等一下,再来一个!再来一个!

Good one! 不错啊!

New Facebook default! In fact, this is my new default for everything, including my tombstone !


Facebook default pic 就是你的Facebook头像。

selfie 自拍的照片

A lot of people take selfies and make them their default Facebook (or Weibo!) pics.


'Halo' by Beyonce 发布日期:2013年3月5日

让我们今天一起来唱我最喜欢的情歌!不是最新的。但是我觉得这就是最浪漫的情歌!就是Beyonce 的歌曲叫"Halo"

Well baby they're tumbling down 宝贝,它们已然倒塌

And they didn't even put up a fight 它们甚至没进行一丝反抗

They didn't even make a sound 它们甚至没发出任何声响

I found a way to let you in 我让你进入了我的世界

But I never really had a doubt 但我从未有过一丝怀疑

Standing in the light of your halo 站在你的光环之下

I got my angel now 我找到了我的天使

It's like I've been awakened 就好像被你唤醒一样

Every rule I had you breakin 你打破了我的每一条规则

It's the risk that I'm takin 我冒着极大的风险

I ain't never gonna shut you out 我永远都不会拒你于门外

Everywhere I'm looking now 我眼前每一个所见之处

I'm surrounded by your embrace 都被你的双臂紧紧围绕

Baby I can see your halo 宝贝我能看得见你的光环

Y ou know you're my saving grace 知道吗,你就是我的守护天使

Y ou're everything I need and more 你是我所需的一切,甚至更多

It's written all over your face 这全都写在了你的脸上

Baby I can feel your halo 宝贝我能感觉到你的光环

Pray it won't fade away 祈祷它永远也不会消逝

I can feel your halo (halo) halo 我能感觉到你的光环(光环)光环

I can see your halo (halo) halo 我能看得见你的光环(光环)光环

I can feel your halo (halo) halo 我能感觉到你的光环(光环)光环

I can see your halo (halo) halo 我能看得见你的光环(光环)光环

Pick-up lines 搭讪:Do's & Don'ts 该说的和不该说的(2):2013年3月1日

Don'ts: 不该说的:

Did it hurt? 你没有受伤吧?

What? 什么?

When you fell from heaven! 从天堂降临到人间时!

This is the corniest pickup line ever! Just don't use it! 这是最傻的搭讪啊!千万别用!

I lost my phone number. Can I have yours? 我丢了我的手机号码。能给我你的吗?

Y ou can't fool me! This is also really corny. Try getting to know the person before you ask for their number!


Do's: 该说的:

Hi I'm Will. What's your name? 你好,我是Will. 你叫什么名字?


Do you go here? 你在这里上学吗?What are you studying? 你是什么专业的?如果你们在外边的任何地方,你就会问:What brings you here? 你来这儿干嘛?然后就开始谈话!

你走之前,可以用这个搭讪!Do you want to get coffee sometime? 有空跟我喝咖啡好吗? Sure! 好啊! 'Stay' by Rihanna 作者:OMG美语- 白洁发布日期:2013年2月28日

OMG! 美语"Stay" by Rihanna

我们今天一起来唱Rihanna 最新的歌曲!叫"Stay"

All along it was a fever 长久以来的狂热

A cold sweat hot-headed believer 来自手冒冷汗鲁莽的信徒

I threw my hands in the air 我在空中挥手

I said show me something 说给我看看你本事

He said,if you dare come a little closer 他说若妳敢再靠近一些

Ohhh now tell me now tell me now tell me now you know 哦说着说着告诉我你懂了

Not really sure how to feel about it 不太确定你有什么感觉

Something in the way you move 你的举止

Makes me feel like I can't live without you 令我觉得无法离开你

It takes me all the way 这感觉一直驱使着我

I want you to stay 我希望你留下

It's not much of a life you're living 生活不太正常

It's not just something you take, it's given 不该只有索取而是奉献

Round and around and around and around we go 我们走着晃着到处流浪

Ohhh now tell me now tell me now tell me now you know 哦说着说着告诉我你懂了

Not really sure how to feel about it 不太确定你有什么感觉

Something in the way you move 你的举止

Makes me feel like I can't live without you 令我觉得无法离开你

It takes me all the way 这感觉一直驱使着我

I want you to stay 我希望你留下

Are you a NIGHT OWL or an EARLY BIRD? 你是夜猫还是早起鸟?发布日期:2013年2月27日

OMG! 美语Early Bird or Night Owl?

1) night owl 深夜党

I am definitely a night owl. I don't go to bed until after midnight! 我是深夜党!我经常午夜后才睡觉。

2) early bird 早起的人

I have always been an early bird. I love waking up early and running. It's a great way to start the day! 我向来就是一个早起的人。我很喜欢早起,出去跑步!这是开始新的一天的最好的方式!

3) morning person 早起的人

4) night person 夜猫子

地道英语口语缩写:YOLO!! FOMO!! Fro Y o? OMG美语- 白洁发布日期:2013年2月26日


YOLO = Y ou Only Live Once 你只有一辈子可活

Should I stay here or study abroad in China? 你觉得我应该留在这里还是去中国留学?

YOLO! Totes go to China! 你只有一辈子可活!去中国吧!

Should I buy these shoes? 你觉得我应该买这双鞋吗?

Y eah! YOLO! 买吧!你只有一辈子可活!

Should I ask Ryan out? I really like him. 你觉得我应该请Ryan去约会吗?我很喜欢他。

Absolutely! YOLO! 当然啦!你只有一辈子可活!

Fro Y o = Frozen Y oghurt 冷冻的酸奶

Wanna go get some fro yo? 你想跟我一起去吃点冷冻的酸奶吗?

Y eah! Fro Y o is my favorite dessert! 好啊!冷冻的酸奶是我最喜欢的甜点啊!

FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out 担心错过

Did you go out last night? 你昨天晚上出去了吗?

Y eah, I got FOMO, so I went to the party. 出去了。我担心错过好玩的,所以去了派对。---

I don't wanna go dancing! 我不想出去跳舞!

Y ou're gonna get FOMO if you don't. 如果你不去,你会后悔错过好玩儿的啊!

Y eah you're right! Let's go! 嗯!对啊!走吧!

Internet memes 网络迷因:Grass Mud Horse 草泥马发布日期:2013年2月25日

白洁来教大家怎么跳Harlem Shake哈林摇!我们也一起来学怎么用美语谈中国和美国的Internet memes 网络迷因(网络爆红)!

Internet meme 网路迷因,也称"网络快速爆红现象"。

Chinese Internet memes 中国的网路迷因

China's Internet memes are hilarious! What are your favorite Chinese Internet memes? Here are my top 3:


My favorite Chinese Internet meme is the uber famous "grass mud horse."

我最喜欢的中国非常有名的网路迷因就是。那我要说对的。草。泥。马! ( I will say each of these characters

separately with corresponding pictures so there is no confusion!!)

Number 2 is "Are you happy?" 第二就是,"你幸福吗?"

I have prepared 白洁's version of my third favorite China Internet meme. Are you ready?



American Internet memes 美国网路迷因

go viral 在网上爆红

Y ou never know what is going to go viral! Here are some of my favorite American Internet memes.

谁也不知道什么东西会火! 这些是我最喜欢的美国网路迷因。

LOL Cats 大笑猫猫

LOL Cats is the most famous American Internet meme!

LOL Cats 是最有名的美国网路迷因!

OMG!美语made a "Call Me Maybe" video and a "Gangnam Style" video, remember!?

OMG!美语也做过"Call Me Maybe"和"Gangnam Style"视频啊!大家记得吗?

There is a brand new meme that is my 3rd favorite. It's called the Harlem Shake.

最新的网路迷因是我第三最喜欢的。叫"Harlem Shake."

Harlem Shake 摇摆舞

When I was in high school, the Harlem Shake was a very popular dance. Y ou move your shoulders like this!


There is a new Harlem Shake meme that has gone viral.


What's your FA VORITE movie? 大家最喜欢的电影是什么?

The Oscars 奥斯卡奖典礼是2月24号!所以我们今天一起来谈What's your favorite movie?大家最喜欢的电


1) of all time 一直以来

2) do an impression 模仿一个人

My favorite movie of all time is Forrest Gump! I have seen it at least 20 times! I can do an awesome Forrest

Gump impression.

我一直以来最喜欢的电影就是Forrest Gump! 我至少已经看过20遍了! 我模仿Forrest Gump一绝!

3) What are your top 3? 你最喜欢哪3部电影?

What are my top 3? It's so hard to choose! Let me think... #1 is Forrest Gump. #2 is Singin' in the Rain. It's from the '50's but it's a classic! I love musicals! And #3 is Legally Blonde! I love that movie!!

我最喜欢哪3部电影?好难选哦!让我想想。第一是Forrest Gump. 第二就是Singing in the Rain! 是50年代的电影,但是很经典!我喜欢音乐剧。第三就是Legally Blonde! 我非常喜欢这部电影!

4) Who is your fav actor? 你最喜欢的男演员是谁?

5) Who is your fav actress? 你最喜欢的女演员是谁?

Ever since Titanic I've always loved Leonardo DiCaprio! And Reese Witherspoon will always be my favorite

actress. I loved her performance in Walk the Line!

从Titanic上映后,我最喜欢的男演员一直是Leonardo DiCaprio! Reese Witherspoon也始终是我最喜欢的女演员!我喜欢她在Walk the Line里的表演!


OMG! 美语Stay in and Watch Movies!

The Oscars 奥斯卡奖典礼是2月24号!所以我们今天一起来谈How do you like to watch movies? 大家最喜欢在哪里看电影?

1) Go to the movies 去看电影

2) low-key 轻松的

I like to go to the movies on the weekend. It's the perfect low-key night out!


3) midnight premier 电影的午夜首映

When I'm dying to see a new movie, I love going to the midnight premier. I went to every single Harry Potter midnight premier!

我特别想看哪部新电影的时候,就喜欢去看新电影的午夜首映。Harry Potter每一集,我看的都是午夜首映!

4) Stay in 呆在家里

5) pop a DVD in 看DVD

My favorite way to watch a movie is to stay in, pop a DVD in, curl up on the couch and eat an entire bowl of popcorn!


6) Watch movies online 上网看电影

And when I run out of DVDs, I'll watch movies online! And make another bowl of popcorn.




Happy V alentine's Day! 情人节快乐!

Happy V alentine's Day! What are your plans for V alentine's Day?


Boycott 抵制

I am boycotting V alentine's Day this year! I'm single and I don't need a silly holiday to remind me of how lonely I am!


Blind Date相亲约会

I'm going on a blind date. My BFF Melissa set me up!

我要去相亲! 是我最好的朋友Melissa安排的!

Gettin' my dance on 出去跳舞

How am I celebrating V alentine's Day!? Me and my girls are gonna go get our dance on!




Lovesick 相思病

Dan and I broke up 3 months ago, but I miss him so much. I am so lovesick.


Love hurts 爱会伤人

Don't worry Baijie. Love hurts when you break up with someone. Y ou just gotta stay strong!

Lovey dovey 卿卿我我

Y ou know what's worse? I saw him and his new girlfriend in class yesterday. And they were all lovey dovey! !



白洁is CRAZY about YOU!! 2月14号是情人节!所以我们今天一起来看看跟爱情有关的美语说法!1) crazy about 非常喜欢2) fall for 爱上一个人3) have a crush on 偷偷喜欢4) have a thing for 喜欢一个人crazy about 非常喜欢

你可以说Y ou are crazy about 一个人,一个东西,一个地方!Y ou can be crazy about anything!

I am crazy about Justin Bieber! He is so cute!

我非常喜欢Justin Bieber! 他太可爱了!

I am crazy about coffee! I drink at least 3 cups a day!


I am crazy about China! I can't wait to visit again!


fall for 爱上一个人

I think I am falling for Tim. He is so romantic!

我觉得我开始爱上了Tim. 哇,他太浪漫了!

have a crush on 偷偷喜欢

I kind of have a crush on this guy at work. Don't tell anybody!


have a thing for 喜欢

I also have a thing for this guy in my yoga class. Wow he is so handsome!


白洁is CRAZY about YOU!! 2月14号是情人节!所以我们今天一起来看看跟爱情有关的美语说法!

1) crazy about 非常喜欢2) fall for 爱上一个人3) have a crush on 偷偷喜欢4) have a thing for 喜欢一个人crazy about 非常喜欢

你可以说Y ou are crazy about 一个人,一个东西,一个地方!Y ou can be crazy about anything!

I am crazy about Justin Bieber! He is so cute! 我非常喜欢Justin Bieber! 他太可爱了!

I am crazy about coffee! I drink at least 3 cups a day! 我非常喜欢喝咖啡!我每天至少喝三杯咖啡!

I am crazy about China! I can't wait to visit again! 我非常喜欢中国!我等不及再去中国!

fall for 爱上一个人

I think I am falling for Tim. He is so romantic! 我觉得我开始爱上了Tim. 哇,他太浪漫了!

have a crush on 偷偷喜欢

I kind of have a crush on this guy at work. Don't tell anybody! 我偷偷喜欢办公室的一位男同事。不要告诉别人! have a thing for喜欢

I also have a thing for this guy in my yoga class. Wow he is so handsome!




player 花心的人

白洁,I think you and Dan should go on a date!


No way! Dan is such a player! He has had 6 girlfriends in like one year.


How about Fred? Y ou should totally date Fred!


No W AY! Fred is a total heartbreaker. Don't you remember when he and Melissa dated? He dumped her for no reason and then started dating her friend Whitney.


charmer 会讨人喜欢的人

How about Henry? He's a nice guy!


I don't trust Henry! He is a charmer. He'll say anything to get a date with a girl.


womanizer 洋葱男


OK! I only have one more suggestion. How about Greg?


Are you kidding me!? He's the biggest womanizer! I will never go on a date with Greg.


Y ou wanna be single forever, Baijie!?


No! I just wanna find a nice guy!


OMG! 美语Happy New Y ear!


1) 恭喜发财, 红包拿来! Best wishes for a prosperous New Y ear! Give me my red envelope!

2) 压岁钱lucky money

New Y ear's Eve night, children will receive lucky money from their older relatives!


3) 笑口常开I hope you will be full of laughter

4) 万事如意I wish you all the best!

Best wishes for a prosperous New Y ear, to all OMG! Meiyu fans and your families.



大家回家过年的时候,父母就会问你很多问题, 关于工作,结婚,买房子!让我们一起来学怎么用美语回答父母的问题!

How's the job hunt? 工作找得怎么样了?

tough job market 就业市场很不景气

白洁,how's the job hunt?


I've got some interviews lined up.


Y ou don't have a job yet?


I'm interviewing! It's a really tough job market right now!

steady job 稳定工作

白洁, it's important that you find a steady job!


I know! I know! I'm trying really hard to find one!


Y ou better find one soon!


我觉得美国父母不会直接问他们的孩子"你有男女朋友了没?" 他们可能会问:

Have you met any cute girls lately? 你最近认识什么美女了没?

Have you met any cute guys lately? 你最近认识什么帅哥了没?

Have you met any cute guys lately?


No not really. I'm too busy with job hunting to date.


put one foot in front of the other 一步一步向前

watch your tone 注意你的语气

Have you started looking for a house?


MOM! NO! I have to put one foot in front of the other. Please let me find a job and a boyfriend first, and then I'll worry about a house.


Watch your tone with me, young lady!


I'm sorry Mom. 对不起妈妈。


春运Spring Festival T ravel

你买的什么票?What kind of ticket did you get?

It's Spring Festival Travel time! What kind of ticket do you get?


软卧票soft seat ticket

all set 准备好了

noise-canceling headphones 抗噪音耳机

I'm all set. I have a soft seat ticket and my noise-canceling headphones! I'm gonna sleep the whole way home!


hard seat ticket 硬卧

butt fell asleep 屁股麻了,没知觉了

I got a hard seat ticket. My butt fell asleep during the train ride last year, so this year I brought a comfy pillow!


站票standing ticket

It is what it is 情况就是这样啊

nbd = no big deal = 没事!

I got a standing ticket. Whatever, it is what it is. My trip is only two hours so nbd!



今天我们来学唱Justin Timberlake的最新歌曲《Suit and Tie》。

Going hot so hot, just like an oven 你就像是个烤炉一样火热

And ow, burned myself, but just had to touch it 哎哟,我烧伤,我还是要触摸你It's so fire and it's all mine 这么火啊你全是我的

Hey baby, we don't mind all the watching 嘿宝贝我们不在意旁人的目光Cause if they study close, real close 因为如果他们仔细看看非常仔细They might learn something 他们可能会从我们身上学到些东西She ain't nothing but a little doozie when she does it 她跳舞时就是个极品

She's so fire tonight 她今晚是辣妹啦!

And as long as I've got my suit and tie 只要我还穿着西装,打上领带

I'ma leave it all on the floor tonight 我会把这一切都抛在舞池上

And you got fixed up to the nines 你穿得完美极了

Let me show you a few things 让我给你展示一下

All pressed up in black and white 身着黑白西装

And you're dressed in that dress I like 而你也穿着我喜欢的裙子

Love is swinging in the air tonight 今夜爱在空气中飘盪

Let me show you a few things 让我给你展示一下

Let me show you a few things 让我给你展示一下

Show you a few things about love 给你看些和爱有关的东西

While we're in the swing of love 当我们正体验着爱的摆动时

Let me show you a few things 让我给你展示一下

Show you a few things about love 给你看些和爱有关的东西






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随着现在流行以瘦为美,很多人会不顾身体的健康选择减肥药,达到快速减肥瘦身的效果,但是很多减肥药都是有副作用的,副作用比较轻的就是失眠现象,那么吃减肥药出现失眠是怎么回事儿?如果出现失眠后,我们应该怎样缓解? 吃减肥药失眠是怎么回事 减肥药中富含安非他命,所以减肥药服用了太多会有失眠现象,服用减肥药期间,身体会逐渐出现抗药性,身..