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1.— Did you enjoy ________ at the party yesterday, Karen?

— Yes. I had a good time.

A. myself

B. yourself

C. me

D. you


【解析】试题分析:句意:在昨天的聚会上你玩得开心吗,凯伦?是的。我很开心。Myself我自己;yourself你自己;me 我;you你。Enjoy oneself = have a good time玩的开心,过得愉快。所以选B。

2.--- does it take you to get home from school?

--- About fifteen minutes.

A. How long

B. How far

C. How many

D. How often



A. How long多长时间,对时间段提问;

B. How far多远,对距离提问;

C. How many 多少,对数量提问;

D. How often多久一次,对频率提问。根据About fifteen minutes.可知此处是对时间段提问,故用疑问词how long。故选A。

3.Helen writes ___________ than __________ girl in her class.

A. more careful, any other

B. more carefully, any other

C. more carefully, the other

D. more careful, the other


【解析】试题分析:句意:Helen书写比她班内任何其他女生都认真。比较级+than any other +n(单数) 意思是比任何其他一个..... more carefully修饰动词writes, 而不能使用形容词的比较级。

4.---________ do you usually spend ______ the piano? ---Two hours every day.

A. How long, playing

B. How often, playing

C. How soon, to play

D. How much, playing


【解析】试题分析:句意:-你弹钢琴通常花费多长时间?-每天两个小时。How long询问一段时间,spend doing花费时间做某事。所以选A。

A. What a fine; Sounds great

B. What fine; Sounds great

C. What a fine; You’re right

D. What fine; You are right


【解析】试题分析:句意:多么好的天气! 我们去公园吗?—听起来不错,让我们走吧。第一空考查的是感叹句,空后weather是不可数名词,所以不用冠词;第二空根据句意应是sound great,故选B。

6.If you have trouble pronouncing the word, you can repeat it over and over again _______

you are comfortable with it.

A. unless

B. if

C. until

D. while


【解析】试题分析:句意:如果你在这个单词的发音上有问题,你可以一遍又一遍的重复知道你读顺为止。A. unless“除非”;B. if“如果”;C. until“直到…”;D. while“当…时候”。结合句意,故选C。

7.The old lady is walking ______ the street. Let’s help her.

A. across

B. cross

C. over

D. through


【解析】试题分析:句意:这位老妇女正在过马路。让我们去帮助她。分析选项:across 介词,与动词联用,表示从表面走过;cross动词,表示从表面走过;over介词,表示从上方过去;through介词,表示从内部穿过。结合句意,从马路的表面过,因此选择across.故选A

8.It's about_______ from our school to my home.

A. twenty minutes' walk

B. twenty minute's walk

C. twenty minutes's walks

D. twenty-minute-walk



9.Would you like ____________ to tell us?

A. anything interesting

B. something interesting

C. interesting anything

D. interesting something


【解析】试题分析:句意:你想告诉我们一些有趣的事吗?something某事,某物,常用于肯定句中,也可用于表示请求的疑问句中;anything 任何事,任何物,可用在否定句、疑问句或条件状语从句中;everything 每件事,一切事;nothing=not anything;而not everything 并非/不是所有的东西/事情。这些复合不定代词都作单数看待,作主语时谓语动词用单数形式。形容词修饰复合不定代词要放在被修饰词之后。

10.Why __________go swimming with us?-Good idea.

A. don't

B. not

C. don't to

D. not to


【解析】试题分析:句意:—为什么不去和我们游泳?—好主意。根据句意及题干分析“为什么不”是Why don’t you+动词原形?/Why not+动词原形?故选B。


【解析】句意:Jenny现在没有做任何事,也许她可以帮忙来扫地。something 一些事,

某事,常放在肯定句中;anything 任何事,用在否定句或疑问句中;nothing 没什么事; everything 每件事。根据句意可知选B。

12._________ you check your answers , _________mistakes you will make .

A. The more careful ; the fewer

B. The more careful; the less

C. The more carefully; the less

D. The more carefully , the fewer


【解析】句意:你检查答案越仔细,犯的错误就越少。the+比较级,the+比较级表示“越……,就越……”,careful形容词,仔细的;carefully副词,仔细地,修饰动词check;mistake 是可数名词,用few修饰,little修饰不可数名词,根据题意可知,故选D。

13.In the past few years there _________great changes in my hometown.

A. have been

B. were

C. had been

D. are


【解析】句意:在最近的几年里在我的家乡有了巨大的变化。There be句型表示“某地(或某时)存在有某人(或某物),而并非某地(某人、某物或某时)拥有什么东西”,句中有若干个名词作主语,动词be常与后面主语中的第一个名词在数上一致。In the past few years 现在完成时态的标志词。there be句型的现在完成时态结构是there have been 。故选A

14.-_____ you ______ the magazine from the library yet?

-Yes. I _____ it for three days.

A. Have, borrowed; have kept

B. Have borrowed; have borrowed

C. Have , kept; have borrowed

D. Have, kept, have kept



15.—Sorry, I donˈt know if he _________, but I will tell you at once if he _________.

A. comes ,will come

B. comes, is coming

C. will come ,comes

D. has come ,will come




One day,a rich man named Jack saw a strange bird in a tree.He thought he would (16) it and get lots of money.So he caught it.

“Don’t (17) making money by selling me!”said the bird. (18) will buy me because because I’ll lose my beauty and sweet voice without freedom.”Jack became very (19) and wanted to kill the bird for meat.

Then the (20) bird said,”Well,set me free.I’ll teach you (21) useful rules.”

Jack didn’t (22) the bird at first, (23) ,the bird promised it would keep its word(信守诺言).So he set the bird free.

Then Jack said,”Now teach (24) the rules.”

The bird said,”The first rule is’ (25) believe all the things others say.’The second rules

is ’Never be (26) about something you don’t have.’The third rule is ‘Never throw away what you have in your (27) .’”

Jack (28) ,”Everyone knows the rules.You fooled(愚弄)me!”

But the bird said,”Today,you had me in your hand, (29) you threw me away.You believed all that I said.And you are sad about not having me.The rules are (30) ,but you have never followed them.”

With these words,the bird flew away.

16. A. sell B. study C. draw D. eat

17. A. talk about B. come out C. think about D. look up

18. A. Everyone B. Somebody C. Nobody D. Anybody

19. A. happy B. angry C. surprised D. interested

20. A. busy B. helpful C. clever D. lucky

21. A. two B. three C. four D. five

22. A. believe B. have C. think D. mind

23. A. although B. instead C. however D. therefore

24. A. my B. I C. me D. you

25. A. always B. usually C. often D. never

26. A. happy B. sad C. excited D. bored

27. A. room B. home C. hand D. house

28. A. answered B. asked C. laughed D. shouted

29. A. and B. but C. so D. or

30. A. easy B. difficult C. strict D. fast


【小题1】A 【小题2】C 【小题3】C 【小题4】B 【小题5】C 【小题6】B 【小题7】A 【小题8】C 【小题9】C 【小题10】D 【小题11】B 【小题12】C 【小题13】D 【小题14】B 【小题15】A 【解析】【文章大意】一天,一个富人在树上看见了一只奇怪的鸟,他想卖掉它赚钱,因此就抓住了它。这只聪明的鸟通过告诉富人三条规则成功的解脱了。

根据语境此处的意思是:他想他要卖掉它,赚很多的钱。sell 卖;study 学习;draw 画画;eat 吃。

根据语境此处意思是:不要想通过卖掉我赚钱。talk about 讨论;come out 出版,发行; think about 考虑,想;look up 查阅。故选C。

根据语境此处意思是:没有人买我,因为如果我没有自由就会失去甜美的嗓音。everyone 人人;somebody 某人;nobody 没人;anybody 任何人。

根据语境此处的意思是:杰克很生气想杀死鸟吃肉。happy 快乐的;angry 生气的; surprised 惊奇的;interested 感兴趣的。故选B。

根据语境此处意思是:然后这只聪明的鸟说。busy 忙的;helpful 有帮助的;clever 聪明的;lucky 幸运的。

根据语境此处意思是:放了我,我将教你三条有用的规则。因文章后面有The first rule is... The second rule is... The third rule is... 故选B。

根据语境此处的意思是:杰克起初不相信这只鸟。believe 相信;have 有;think 认为,想;mind 介意。

根据语境此处的意思是:杰克起初不相信这只鸟,然而鸟承诺会遵守诺言。although 尽管;instead 代替;however 然而;therefore 因此。


根据语境此处意思是:第一条规则是不要相信别人说的所有的事情。always 总是;usually 通常;often 经常;never 从不。故选D。

根据语境此处的啥意思是:不要为你没有的东西伤心。happy 高兴的;sad 伤心的;excited 兴奋的;bored 无聊的。

根据语境此处的意思是:不要扔掉你手里的东西。room 房间;home 家;hand 手;house 房子。

根据语境此处的意思是:杰克大喊“每个人都知道这个规则,你愚弄我。" answer 回答; ask 问;laugh 大笑;shout 大喊。

根据语境此处的意思是:今天你手里有了我,但是你把我扔掉了。and 和;but 但是; so 因此;or 或者。

根据语境此处意思是:规则很简单,但是你没有遵守。easy 简单的,容易的;difficult 困难的;strict 严格的;fast 快的。



What makes people happier, money or having happy friends? Researchers from Harvard University have found the answer to this question in a study.

The study found that people who have happy friends have a greater chance of being happy. And if the happy friends are closer to you, you will be happier. For example, a person's happiness rises by 20% if a happy friend lives within 1.5 kilometers. Having a happy neighbor makes the chance of being happy high by 13%. The effects of friends happiness last for up to a year.

The researchers found that happiness is really contagious.Sadness also spreads among friends, but not as much as happiness. The study shows that having an extra five thousand dollars increases a person's chances of becoming happier by about 2%. But the effect of a friend's happiness could in fact be greater than that. The study also shows that people are happier when having happy friends than having good colleagues(同事).

31.According to the study, what can make people happier?

A. Having money.

B. Living with friends.

C. Having happy friends.

D. Having a happy neighbor.

33.The underlined word contagious means _______ in Chinese.

A. 传染的

B. 流行的

C. 加强的

D. 交际的

34.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Sadness doesn't spread among friends.

B. The more money you have, the happier you will be.

C. The effects of friend's happiness can last for up to a year.

D. People are happier with good colleagues than with happy friends.

35.What's the best title for the passage?

A. Money and Friends

B. How to Make Friends

C. A New Study about Friends

D. Happy Friends Can Make You Happy


【小题1】C 【小题2】A 【小题3】A 【小题4】C 【小题5】D 【解析】【文章大意】文章介绍了拥有快乐的朋友可以增强幸福感。研究还表明,与拥有优秀同事相比,拥有快乐的朋友的人更快乐。

根据文章提到的The study found that people who have happy friends have a greater chance of being happy.可知:拥有快乐朋友的人有更大的幸福机会。根据文章内容可知,故选C。根据文章内容可知,故选A。

根据下文Sadness also spreads among friends, but not as much as happiness.可知句意:幸福确实具有传染性。故推断出“contagious”意思是“传染性”。

根据文章提到的Having a happy neighbor makes the chance of being happy high by 13%. The effects of friends happiness last for up to a year.可知:C正确。



In China,safety educationis becoming more and more important now.The last Monday in

Stampedes(踩踏),earthquakes and fires are the main accidents at school.

A stampede always happens in crowded places.When students around you begin to push,just stand there and try to hold onto something.If you fall down in the crowd,move to one side and protect your head with your hands around.

When earthquakes happen,you can get under a desk quickly and hold on.It'll protect you from falling things.If you are outdoors,find a place away from buildings,trees,and power lines. When there's a fire,leave the classroom quickly.It's better to put something wet over your mouth and nose.In this way,you won't breathe in smoke.Many people die in a fire,not because of the fire but smoke.It makes them cough and they can't breathe.That's very dangerous!So when you want to get out,you should make yourself close to the floor.Then you can breathe some fresh air.

36.Stampedes(踩踏),earthquakes and fires are the main accidents ______ .

A. at school.

B. at home

C. on the farm.

D. in the open air.

37. A stampede always happens in ______ places.

A. busy

B. dirty

C. crowded

D. clean

38.When earthquakes happen,you can get ______ a desk quickly and hold on.

A. on

B. under

C. near

D. behind

39.Which is the following sentences is Right ______

A. When there's a fire,don't leave the classroom quickly

B. Many people die in a fire,not because of the fire but smoke.

C. When you want to get out of it,you shouldn't make yourself close to the floor

D. It's better to put something dry over your mouth and nose

40.What's the best title(标题)for the article?______

A. Health Education

B. Manners Education

C. Habits Education

D. Safety Education.


【小题1】A 【小题2】C 【小题3】B 【小题4】B 【小题5】D 【解析】61.A.根据语境Stampedes(踩踏),

earthquakes and fires are the main accidents at school.可知事故发生在学校.故选:A.

62.C.根据语境A stampede always happens in crowded places.可知踩踏事故发生在拥挤的地方.故选:C

63.B.根据语境When earthquakes happen,you can get under a desk quickly and hold on 可知当地震发生时,应该躲在桌子底下.故选:B

64.B.根据语境Many people die in a fire,not because of the fire but smoke可知许多人在火灾中死去,不是因为火而是要因为烟.故选:B.

65.D.根据语境In China,safety educationis becoming more and more important now.可知全文说的是安全教育.故选:D






A 14-year-old British student is packing for the next day of school: textbooks, notebooks, pens, 250 grams of flour, an egg and some cooking oil. Wait, what?

It’s not a joke.

From September, cookery will be a compulsory (必修的) course for kids aged 7-14 in the UK. Primary school students will learn how to put things together and make simple, healthy food.

At high school, students will then master a number of different meals. They will also learn some cooking skills including baking.

Britain is sometimes known as a country with bad food and unhealthy eating habits. These new courses are part of the country’s effort to bring healthy food back onto the table.

“One in four British families no longer has a table that everyone can eat around. One out of every two meals we eat is eaten alone. Only four out of ten of us enjoy eating meals with our children,” British writer Joanna Blythman wrote in her book Bad Food Britain: How A Nation Ruined Its Appetite (食欲) in 2006.

Instead, ready meals have become the first choice for many British kids, because their parents are often too busy to cook a proper meal.

The Department for Education hopes that the cookery courses can introduce children to good food and reduce childhood obesity.

“It’s important that children can develop an interest and understanding of good food,” said a spokesman for the department.

“We want to encourage them to develop a love of food and cooking that will stay with them as they grow up.

41.Students under 14 in the UK _______.

A. are fond of cooking

B. love to eat junk food

C. will learn how to cook at school

D. have to prepare breakfast by themselves

42.From the passage, we can learn that _______.

A. many British people have unhealthy eating habits

B. people in Britain don’t love to eat around the table

C. parents cook meals for their kids although they are busy

D. many British people don’t like to eat with their families

43.The aim of the cookery course is to help children _______.

A. have a good appetite






现在的减肥药真的是真假难分,在选择减肥药的同时也应该更加小心,减肥药多种多样,那么如何才能选择最安全有效的减肥药,也成了很多小仙女的内心疑问,下面就跟着3721se电影20视频最新小编一起看一下,如何选择最安全有效的减肥药。 最安全有效的减肥药选购方法 1、首先需要观察产品的外包装,在包装中可以看到其配方是不是含有激素,含有激素的减肥药对身体的内..




随着现在流行以瘦为美,很多人会不顾身体的健康选择减肥药,达到快速减肥瘦身的效果,但是很多减肥药都是有副作用的,副作用比较轻的就是失眠现象,那么吃减肥药出现失眠是怎么回事儿?如果出现失眠后,我们应该怎样缓解? 吃减肥药失眠是怎么回事 减肥药中富含安非他命,所以减肥药服用了太多会有失眠现象,服用减肥药期间,身体会逐渐出现抗药性,身..