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Unit 9课下能力提升(十)


1.The beautiful scenery made a deep ________ (impress) on every visitor.

2.All the ________ (race) have been ready to start.

3.We are looking for someone who is ________ (rely) and hard-working.

4.Please ask for the ________ (operate) if you meet any problem while telephoning.

5.It is the first time that he ________ (visit) the Great Wall.

6.Don't let yourself be persuaded ________ buying things you don't want.

7.Strangely, some people find that they can smell one type of flower but not another, whereas others are sensitive ________ the smells of both flowers.

8.He inserted the key ________ the lock but could not open the door.


sensitive, accent, schedule, reliable, rely on, pull out, so far, take place

1.You can't ____________ the weather, which is changeable.

2.He is ____________ to cold.

3.We have built three houses ____________.

4.The new bridge has been finished two years ahead of ____________.

5.She may forget — she's not very ____________.

6.The train ____________ and disappeared in the distance soon.

7. He speaks with a German ____________.

8.The next Olympics will ____________ in Tokyo.


1.我正要出去,这时有人敲门。(be about to do ... when ...)


2.我正在公园散步,这时我遇到了他。(be doing ... when ...)





________________________________________________________________________ Ⅳ.课文缩写语法填空

Solar cars use the sun's energy 1.________ power, which means they don't use petrol, gas or any other fuel, just the sunlight. The reason 2.________ people are interested in solar cars is that people have been worrying about 3.________ (pollute) caused by fuels like petrol and gas

for a long time. Marie Logan, a solar car racer, has been designing solar racing cars for a long time. She has designed five or six 4.________ (differ) cars so far. And she has taken part in races for about four years.

Recently she has been building a new car with a team from Queensland University. They have done a lot of work on it, but 5.________ (not, finish) yet. She is also writing a book and wants people to have a good 6.________ (impress) of solar cars.

But a lot of people think that solar cars are too slow or not very 7.________ (rely), so she tries 8.________ (persuade) people 9.________ the advantages of solar cars. Solar cars are getting better all the time. They 10.________ (reach) the speed of nearly 80 kph.


The amount of time that people spend on travel is 1.1 hours per person per day in all societies. The average distance traveled is 7,400 miles (12,000 km) per year. In total, the world population travels more than 16.6 trillion miles (23 trillion km) per year, 53% of which is by car, 26% by bus, 9% by rail, 9% by high-speed transport such as airplanes, and 3% by bicycle, boat and other means.

It is estimated (估计) that, due to developments in high-speed public transport, travel time will drop to only 12 minutes per person per day by 2050. Of the global traffic volume, 35% will be by car, 20% by bus, 41% by high-speed transport, and 4% by rail.

At present, traffic congestion (拥塞) has a huge negative (消极的) economic and environmental impact (影响) across the world. Road congestion in the UK costs the UK economy £15 billion a year. It costs the US 0 billion a year. In Seattle, Washington for instance, a driver spends an average (平均) of 59 hours stuck in traffic each year. In the greater Seattle area there are more cars than people; each household makes an average of 10 motorcar trips a day. According to Sierra Club, “American cars and trucks account for 20 percent of the world's petroleum consumption (石油消耗).”

The US has the most highways, but European roads are busier. In Europe, cars travel more than 600 miles (1,000 km) per road per year, compared to an average of 500 km per road in the US. The world's worst traffic jam usually occurs during the summer on the road from Paris to Toulouse, France.

So take a hike. You can use Google's public transport trip planner. Or, in the least, find a job closer to home.

1.According to the figures given in Paragraph 1, what is the main means of transport at present?

A.The car.

B.The bus.

C.The train.

D.The airplane.

2.Compared to today, we know in 2050, ________.

A.more people will choose to travel by train

B.more people will have a car of their own

C.a lot more people will choose the bus to go out

D.a lot more people will choose high-speed transport

3.What does Paragraph 3 suggest?

A.Traffic congestion is a major problem for some countries.

B.Traffic congestion will be more serious in the following years.

C.Traffic congestion is a problem for global economic development.

D.America has more cars than any other country around the world.

4.From the passage, we learn that in the greater Seattle area, ________.

A.people are not encouraged to go out by bus

B.few people travel by train

C.every person owns a car

D.the traffic is very bad


How to cope with yesmen

Have you ever had someone in your organization who was always agreeable? A type of person who always agrees with everyone else. 1.________

We have most likely all met a yesman at one time or another. Yesmen are eager to please, but find it very difficult to voice their opinion. So what can you do as a leader to cope with (对付) them?

Talk to them. The first step is an honest and objective conversation about their behavior.

2.________Try to get them to see how they respond in these situations so they can start to see themselves objectively (客观地) as well.

3.________ Start with a recent time when they agreed with a decision, and ask for their opinion. Keep asking “why?” or “how come?” Acknowl edge their views and let them know that the rest of the team is waiting to hear what they say.

Find out why they always agree. It may be they are just very agreeable people. 4.________ Identify the causes and work with them to reduce the external (外部的) barriers to having their voice heard.

Tell them they need to disagree, constructively, when they have the next opportunity. When that time comes about, don't embarrass them by putting them on the spot. Instead, ask them what they think, avoid yes-no questions, and use “why” and “how come” questions to get their thoughts out there for the benefit of the team. Thank them for their ideas. 5._________

A.Ask what their opinions are.

B.They should provide value to the organization.

C.Or they feel like they will be saying something stupid.

D.Even if all the ideas presented conflict with each other!

E.Sometimes the persons do not realize that they agree with everything.

F.Yesmen are a challenge in any organization that values individual contributions.

G.This will build their confidence and allow them to continue doing what you have started in the future.


Mobile phones are being more wide used.They're light on weight and easy to carry, offered fast and convenient service for communication.The users use them for make phone calls, sending short messages and internet-surfing.In recently years, mobile phones have become popular with middle school students.Quite a few use it to keep in touch with their families and friends, which, of course was convenient.However, I don't think it's good to do so.In spite of the disadvantages mentioned above, student users often waste a lot of time chatting on the phone in his spare time.Some even use them to cheat exams.In addition, mobile phone bills cost students' parents lot of money.


Ⅰ.1.impression 2.racers 3.reliable 4.operator 5.has visited 6.into7.to8.into Ⅱ.1.rely on 2.sensitive 3.so far 4.schedule 5.reliable 6.pulled out 7.accent 8.take place

Ⅲ.1.I was about to go out when someone knocked at the door. 2.I was taking a walk in the park when I came across him. 3.The meeting held yesterday was of great importance. 4.The next thing to do is to clean the classroom.

Ⅳ.1.for 2.why 3.pollution 4.different 5.haven't finished



8.to persuade

9.of10.have reached



1.解析:选A细节理解题。根据第一段的“In total, the world population travels more than 16.6 trillion miles (23 trillion km) per year, 53% of which is by car”可知小汽车是目前主要的出行工具。

2.解析:选D细节理解题。根据第二段的“41%by high­speed transport”可知到2050


3.解析:选C推理判断题。根据第三段的“At present, traffic congestion (拥塞) has a huge negative (消极的) economic and environmental impact (影响) across the world. Road congestion in ...”可知交通阻塞严重影响了全球经济的发展,故选C项。

4.解析:选D推理判断题。根据第三段的“In Seattle, Washington for instance, a driver spends an average (平均) of 59 hours stuck in traffic each year. In the greater Seattle area there are more cars than people.”可推断西雅图的交通状况很差。



第二句:on→in; offered→offering


第四句:recent ly→recent

第五句:it→them; was→is









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