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1.话题: 朋友/友谊

常用词汇: get to know sb.认识某人know sb.really well 熟知某人make friends with sb.和某人交朋友 a strong personality 一个很强的个性personal matters 隐私friendship 友谊friendly 友好的 a close friend 一个亲密的朋友trust each other 相互信任precious 珍贵的worthy 有价值的understanding 通情达理的share…with sb.与……分享…… be loyal to 对……忠诚keep in touch with sb.与……保持联系keep company with sb.和……结交stay best friends with sb.和……保持很好的友谊


Ladies and gentlemen,

It‟s my honor to stand here and say something about friendship.

First, I think everyone needs friends and is eager to get friendship.When you are happy, you can share your happiness with your friends and when you are sad, you can complain to your friends.If you are arrogant, your friends can persuade you and they can make you confident and brave when you are discouraged.

Second, as we all know, friendship is valuable.It can touch your heart and give you hope.Many people are proud of having a good friend.We must cherish our friends when we are happy with our friends.We should try our best to protect the friendship from being hurt.We will meet a lot of friends in our life.We should find the people who can understand us and share not only happiness but also sadness.When you lose it, both you and your friend will feel very sorrowful.So you can‟t give up those friends, please don‟t forget to keep in touch with your old friends, because staying with old friends is cherishable.

Finally, just as an old saying goes, love comes and goes but friendship stays.It‟s sweet and poetic, full of tears, hopes and happiness. So let‟s cherish friendship!

That‟s all.Thank you for listening.


常用词汇:words and expressions 生词和习惯用语vocabulary词汇量spelling拼写pronunciation发音custom习俗idiom习语stress强调intonation语调list 列表recite背诵learning学习approach方法revision复习discuss讨论discussion讨论game比赛,游戏group组team work合作make notes做笔记attend a lecture参加讲座life-long learning终生学习communicate with交流teach oneself自学pick up习得take a course上课make preparations做准备make full use of 充分利用refer to a dictionary查字典 keep a diary记日记

consult an expert 咨询专家


Dear Peter,

I‟m glad to receive your letter asking for my advice on how to learn Chinese well. Here are a few suggestions.First, it is important to take a Chinese Course, as you‟ll be able to learn from teachers and practice with your fellow students. Then, it also helps to

watch TV and read books, newspapers and magazines in Chinese whenever possible. Besides, it should be a good idea to learn and sing Chinese songs, because by doing so you‟ll learn and remember Chinese words more easily. You can also make more Chinese friends.They will tell you a lot about China and help you learn Chinese.

Try and write me in Chinese next time.

Best wishes,

Li Hua


常用词汇: Tour旅行,观光view 风景,视野travel/trip/visit 旅游tourist 游客tourism 旅游业scenery风景board 上/船、飞机等sightseeing 观光adventure冒险attractive 有吸引力的hiking远足local当地的luggage 行李souvenir 纪念品traveler 旅行者voyage 航行visa签证go on a tour去旅行tourism wave 旅游热tourist attractions 旅游景点 a busy/low season for tourism 旅游旺/淡季make a holiday trip 度假旅行places of interest 名胜



Tourism is now becoming a booming industry in many countries.

It is obvious that it leads to the development of hotels and shopping facilities, and this creates jobs for the local people—jobs which would not otherwise exist.Since visitors are especially fond of examples of local crafts, a number of new industries tend to be developed to meet this demand.

Still, the arrival of visitors always leads to improvements in ports, airports and roads.Local people then benefit from these improvements themselves, and meanwhile, the amusement parks, zoos and other amenities(文娱方便设施) gradually develop to attract more and more tourists.

With the frequent contact between people from different places, science is bound to be promoted, possibly leading to the better understanding of people all over the world.



earthquake 地震drought 干旱flood 洪水typhoon 台风

hurricane 飓风mudslide/landslide 泥石流storm 风暴

snow storm 暴风雪disaster 灾难catastrophe 大灾难

extreme weather 极端天气hit/strike袭击happen/occur发生damage破坏warn警告forecast/predict 预报deaths 死亡人数

lost 失踪injured受伤trapped 被困an economic loss of 经济损失donate money to the disaster-hit area 向受灾地区捐钱

to be a volunteer 做志愿者

One in trouble, all to help! 一方有难,八方支援

the rescue work 援救工作


On August 7, 2010, a powerful mudslide hit Zhouqu, south of Gansu, causing one death, with 3 people lost and 166 towns trapped.

It is reported that the flood has been the worst in the past 10 years. As is estimated , the mudslide has caused an economic loss of more than 3 million yuan. Fortunately ,

thousands of soldiers are sparing no efforts in the rescue work. What‟s more , people all over the country donate money to the disaster-hit area or become a volunteer with the faith that one in trouble, all to help.



great 伟大的famous著名的success成功leader领导hard-working努力工作society社会effort努力determination决心devotion奉献ambition野心,雄心devote oneself to投身于be born in出身于attend school上学finish school毕业graduate from毕业be optimistic about对……乐观overcome barriers in life克服生活坎坷play an important role in在……中扮演重要角色take an active part in积极参与lead/live an active and meaningful life过着积极有意义的生活show great interest in对……有极大的兴趣take sth. seriously认真对待attach great importance/significance to非常重视pay attention to注重be a success in 在……的成功者under the guidance of 在……的指导下


Premier Zhou Enlai

Zhou Enlai was born in Huai‟an, Jiangsu, on March 5, 1898.In 1917, he finished school in Nankai Middle School, and then went to France to learn Marxist theory.In 1922, he joined the Chinese Communist Party. After that , he was active in his work and directed the Party work in Shanghai.

He led the famous uprising—Nanchang Uprising on August 1st, 1927.Then he took part in the Long March.From 1937 to 1945, he worked in South China.After the People‟s Republic of China was founded, he was elected Premier of China.He put all his heart into the work and always worked until midnight.He had no time to think about himself, but only the Chinese people.

Premier Zhou died on January 8th, 1976.The whole nation was in deep sorrow at his death for he was loved by all the people.Our beloved Premier Zhou will always be alive in our Chinese people‟s hearts. He was a great Marxist and communist.


常用词汇: culture文化cultural relics文化遗产ruins废墟value价值valuable贵重的worth值得design设计favorite特别受喜爱的historic有历史意义的holy神圣的 memorable难忘的mountainous 多山的primitive原始的remote遥远的sacred神圣的spectacular壮丽的wonderful美妙的belong to属于survive幸存date back to/from追溯到has a history of 有……的历史protect…from…保护…… the past civilization 过去的文明one of the wonders 奇迹之一historic relics 历史遗产tourist attraction 旅游热点


The Great Wall

The Great Wall, which runs across North China like a huge dragon, is the longest wall on the earth.It‟s actually over 6,000 kilometers long now.It‟s one of the wonders in the world.

The Great Wall has a history of more than 2000 years.The first part was built during the Spring and Autumn Period.All the walls were joined up in Qin Dynasty.It was very

difficult to build such a long wall without any modern machines.All the work was done by hand.Thousands of people died while building the wall.Thus the Great Wall came into existence.

Since then, it has been rebuilt and repaired many times.Now the Great Wall, the admiration of the world, has taken on a new look.It‟s visited by large numbers of people from all parts of the country and the world.

7. 话题:体育

常用词汇: sports activity 体育活动athlete 运动员sports programs 体育节目physical fitness 身体健康compete 比赛,竞争competition 竞赛competitor 竞争者host主办medal 奖章stadium 体育场the Olympic Games 奥运会the Summer Olympics 夏季奥运会the Winter Olympics 冬季奥运会motto 座右铭,格言take part in 参加stand for 代表sponsor 赞助tournament 锦标赛bid 投标


Shooting, originated as a means of survival, developed into a sport only in the late 19th century.The sport first appeared in 1896, but none were contested during the 1904 and 1928 Games.The sport returned to the Olympics in 1932.Women were not allowed to compete in the Olympic shooting until 1968.As an Olympic event, shooting has been developing steadily, with only three events at the 1896 Olympic Games but 17 today.



Science and technology 科学技术computer电脑Internet网络computer games 电脑游戏email 电子邮件information信息message消息screen屏幕mouse鼠标 apply应用application应用invent 发明invention发明electronic电子的laptop手提电脑equipment设备 equip…with 装备software软件data数据database数据库robot机器人satellite 卫星battery 电池chip芯片digital 数据的fax 传真portable手提的engineer工程师 update更新download下载net网network 网络系统virus病毒access进入scan浏览store sound and picture digitally自动贮存声音和图片deal with处理the latest version of the software最新版的软件surf the Internet上网 shop on line 网上购物


The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

The following aspects could best illustrate the advantages of the Internet. Net surfers (网上冲浪者) in different countries can share interesting knowledge and the latest information. Besides, The Internet has provided a major opportunity to buy and sell merchandise (商品).What is more, people may get medical help or even vote on the Internet .Its advantages seem countless.

Behind all this glowing talk, however, are some problems. Internet makes people passive by stopping them making their own entertainment. So much that when there is a breakdown or jam, people may find that World Wide Web turns into World Wide Wait. What is worse, some children have access to the scenes of violence and sex. Apart from these, it can be affected by viruses(病毒) and hackers (黑客).

We should handle its problems, meanwhile we should exploit its potential as

well .With proper management of Internet people ought to experience more fruits of the information revolution. All the wisdom of the ages, all the information that has enlightened mankind for centuries, should be available to us with the healthy development of the Internet.


常用词汇: wildlife 野生动物protect保护protection 保护performance表演feed 喂养preserve保护rare 稀有的settle定居existence生存ecosystem 生态系统creature动物,人habitat栖息地species物种trap 陷阱conservation 保护endangered 濒危的survive 幸存plain平原dinosaur恐龙evolution 进化jungle丛林disturb the wildlife‟s natural habitat 扰乱野生动物的自然栖息地preserve the existing woodlands 保护现存的林地endangered species 濒危物种be of great importance to 对……具有重要意义


The passage narrates that koalas who are repeatedly awoken from their deep sleep are unhappy and complaining for tourists taking photos. The author appeals to us to be more kind to animals.

The reasons why tourists like taking photos of the animals in the zoo perhaps vary from people to people. Some think it a happy reminder of their visit to the zoo or the animals, while others may consider it just sort of fun to have. But anyway they may not share the deep feelings of the animals.

If I were in the same position as the animal in the zoo, my reaction would be very severe strongly against being photographed. Not having peaceful surroundings to sleep, don‟t you suffer restless and fidgets? No doubt we do and so do the animals.

I think it necessary to ban tourists‟ taking pictures with animals, making a comfortable environment for them to live and regarding them as our friends, so as to establish harmonious relations with animals.



popular (pop) music 流行音乐folk music民族音乐Rock Music 摇滚音乐fans 乐/影迷tune 曲调song 歌曲 rhythm 节奏melody 旋律instrument 乐器classical 古典的beautiful美妙的exotic异国情调的New Age 新世纪音乐play the guitar 弹吉他see musicals 看音乐剧soap opera肥皂剧science fiction film 科幻片see an opera/go to the opera 看歌剧join clubs加入俱乐部yoga 瑜珈have dances on weekends参加周末舞会have a picnic over the weekend 周末去野餐


Pop Music and Folk Music

No one can avoid being influenced by pop music. Even little child imitate pop singers.

Many people feel pop music is lighter and easier to understand than folk music. Even some intellectuals have no interest in folk music.However, a lot of folk music is characterized by soft and sweet melody. Listening to it makes us proud of our country, builds hope for the future and encourages us to work harder for the common good. Most

pop songs, on the other hand, praise love and life styles which are beyond our reach, and they only concentrate on enriching our leisure life.

As a middle school student, I want to know more about traditional music. When I turn on the radio or TV, I am overwhelmed by pop songs. I hardly hear any folk songs. I need a mixture of art, literature and pop music.


常用词汇: celebrate庆祝celebration 庆祝custom 风俗origin 起源performance 表演festival 节日nowadays现在particular 特定的treat 款待wedding婚礼merry 高兴的 occasion 场合lantern 灯笼reception 接待congratulate 道贺congratulation祝贺ceremony 典礼,仪式invitation邀请fireworks烟花harvest 收获recreation 娱乐方式religion宗教celebrate an anniversary 庆祝周年纪念an event of importance具有重要意义的事件attend a ceremony 出席一个仪式 a display of fireworks 烟火表演on special occasions 在特殊场合get-together 聚会in memory of 纪念……


Dragon Boat Festival

Duanwu Festival is a traditional Chinese festival held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar.It is also known as the Double Fifth.It has since been celebrated, in various ways, in other parts of East Asia as well. In the West, it‟s commonly known as Dragon Boat Festival.

The exact origins of Duanwu are unclear, but one traditional view holds that the festival memorializes the Chinese poet Qu Yuan (340BC~278BC) of the Warring States Period. He committed suicide by drowning himself in a river because he was disgusted by the corruption(腐败) of the Chu government.The local people, knowing him to be a good man, decided to throw food into the river t o feed the fish so they would not eat Qu‟s body.They also sat on long, narrow paddle boats called dragon boats, and tried to scare the fish away by the thundering sound of drums aboard the boat and the fierce looking carved dragon head on the boat‟s prow(船头).

Today, people eat bamboo—wrapped steamed glutinous rice dumplings called zongzi (the food originally intended to feed the fish) and race dragon boats in memory of Qu‟s dramatic death.



physical and mental condition 身体与精神状态strong 强壮的un/healthy 不健康/健康的overweight/fat 肥胖的thin 瘦的near/short-sighted 近视的mentally unhealthy 精神不健全的normal 正常的abnormal 不正常的energetic 精力旺盛的unhealthy eating habit 不健康的饮食习惯eat much junk food 吃太多的垃圾食品stay/keep healthy/fit 保持健康build up one‟s body/improve ones health 强身健体enough sleep 充足的睡眠take regular exercise 进行有规律的运动proper diet 合理的饮食good living habits 良好的生活习惯lose weight 减肥remove heavy burdens 减轻负担be good for/do good to 对……有益处nutrition 营

养go on a diet 节食form a…eating habit 养成一个……的饮食习惯breathe in as much fresh air as you can 尽你所能呼吸多一些新鲜空气


No Breakfast No Good

Now a lot of students go to school in a hurry so that they have no time to have breakfast .But not having breakfast will do harm to their health and their study.

Having no breakfast will throw the normal work of our digestive system into confusion. As a result, it will do harm to our health. And at our age it is high time for us to grow up. So our bodies are in great need of energy. If we don‟t have breakfast, there will be not enough energy to supply. This may stunt(阻碍) our growth.

What‟s more, it is a lon g period between breakfast and lunch. Breakfast provides us with the energy needed for the class. Without breakfast we cannot get along well with our classes. So for the sake of our health and our study, we must have breakfast.



honest 诚实的honesty 诚实selfish 自私的polite 有礼貌的cultivated 有教养的warm-hearted 热心的hardworking 勤劳的reliable 可靠的responsible有责任心的unselfish 无私的value 价值valuable 有价值的mental 精神上的material 物质上的treat 对待,看待character性格positive 肯定的active 积极的brave 勇敢的bravery 勇敢community 社区virtue 美德patience耐心to seek one‟s fortune 追求财富have a right attitude towards…对……持正确的态度

范例: (2010年广东高考读写任务题)

The passage mainly tells us that parents give money to their children so that they can show up or get good grades recently by the way of taking the example of Ethan and his mother.

Ethan‟s mother failed to stop Ethan watching TV by rewarding him with cash. This kind of action is common, and even become a trend, which is concerned by many adults.

Form where I stand, I am not in favor of encouraging kids with cash just because they have got good marks.

My parents used to encourage me like this. Whenever I made progress in my studies, they bought me my favorite books, which not only made me motivated to learn, but also helped me get along well with my studies.

To get kids motivated to learn, I think we should not treat every child in the same way. To some students, oral praise is esse ntial. Don‟t save the praise for only the top score. If possible, involve other adults in praising them. However, this method may not work well with other kids. Maybe what is more important to them is to watch a movie or go on a trip together with their parents.It just depends.


常用词汇: science 科学scientist 科学家technology 技术engineer 工程师astronaut宇航员astronomer 天文学家breakthrough突破project项目capsule太空舱manned spaceship/spacecraft载人飞船space shuttle航天飞机unmanned spaceship/spacecraft无人飞船circling the

moon绕月landing on the moon登月return to Earth返回地球weather satellite气象卫星communication satellite通信卫星 carry out scientific experiments开展科学实验、with all the information available 有所有的可用信息invent a folding wheel 发明可折叠的轮have access to space travel能到太空旅游apply basic technology to daily life 将基础科技运用到日常生活中


Is there life on Mars? We don…t know.Can we land on Mars? It all depends on the development of science and technology.Man has known a little about Mars. There is almost no oxygen on Mars.It might be about 50 degrees above zero at noon and 100 degrees below zero at night, which prevents us from living there.Now that Mars are quite different from our earth, if we are to go to Mars one day, we should have to take along our own oxygen, food and clothing.But it is certain that with the development of science man will land on Mars in time.


常用词汇: position 位置size面积direction 方向population人口locate位于be located in 位于… history历史tradition传统custom习俗border边境distance 距离continent 大洲scenery风景official languag官方语言settle down 定居heritage遗产be deeply rooted in 深受……的影响be surrounded by 被……包围


1.be situated, be located, lies, stands

2.has a history of, date back to/from, with a long history of

3.has an area of, cover an area of, with an area of

4.has a population of, the population is, with a population of

5.develop rapidly, change greatly, with the development of


Dear Bob,

It‟s very kind of you to write me and let me know about your beautiful city. Now I‟d like to tell you something about my hometo wn Jiang cheng.

My hometown Jiangcheng, standing on the bank of the Changjiang River, is a beautiful place for people to live in.As its economy has been developing rapidly in the past ten years, not only have new factories, houses and roads been built, but more schools and hospitals are also available for its people.However, there are still some problems, such as water and air pollution and heavy traffic in rush hours.In my opinion, Jiangcheng should develop its economy scientifically.For the sake of our having a better hometown in future, I would also think that the growth of its population should be brought under control.




常用词汇:female 女性的achievement成就outspoken 直率的considerate 体贴的modest谦虚的attractive 吸引人的beautiful 漂亮的charming 迷人的confident自信的energetic 精力充沛的active 主动的worthwhile 值得的specialist 专家scientist 科学家respect 尊重

look down upon 看不起be determined to do 决心做…… devote…to… 献身于…… second to none首屈一指lead a…life 过着……的生活be considered/regarded as 被认为是…… be aware of 意识到pursuit追求be concerned about 关心……


Helen Keller

Every time I read “…if I had the power of sight for three days”, I cannot help being moved by its author Helen Keller, an ordinary but great American woman.

I admire Helen because she is optimistic about life. She became deaf and blind when she was 19 months old. Since then she lived in a world of darkness and silence, and communication seemed only a dream for her. But she never gave up and struggled to lead an active life. Under the guidance of her teacher, Ms Sulliven, Helen learned to read and write and became a famous writer. For a disabled person like her, this was really a wonder.

Helen has set an excellent example to all of us. Her story tells us that we should value what we have, and try our best to overcome any difficulty in life.



agriculture 农业agricultural农业的harvest 丰收yield 产量work工作be at work在工作work hard努力工作produce生产labor force劳动力labor劳动voluntary labor义务劳动serve the people为人民服务

heart and soul全心全意physical labor体力劳动mental labor脑力劳动labor viewpoint劳动观念Labor Day劳动节workday工作日means of labor劳动方式honorable光荣的be devoted to奉献于…… value价值earn money赚钱personal interests个人利益


The Importance of Agriculture

Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy. It is known that man has to eat before he can do anything.Without grain production, the developing of industry and the advance in science and technology would not be guaranteed.If food shortage occurs, a country will be faced with famine and social panic, to say nothing of its effect on the economy.

Special emphasis, therefore, is laid on agriculture in the developing countries.

In these countries, priority is given to production of farm machines and fertilizer. Great efforts are made to teach farmers the methods of scientific farming.These wise policies are beginning to bring about an increase in grain output.

However, many developing countries are still confronted with agricultural problems, such as the overworked soil, low productivity, lack of labor force, and so on.Therefore, positive steps should be taken as soon as possible to solve these problems.


常用词汇: literature 文学novel 小说novelist 小说家classical 经典的author 作者review 回顾idiom 习语poem 诗poet 诗人skilled

熟练的skillful熟练的translate翻译speech发言pronounce 发音bestseller 畅销书describe 描述description 描写letter 文字symbol 象征biography 自传comedy 喜剧tragedy悲剧fiction 小说line 台词phrase短语plot 情节recite 背诵tale故事,传说theme 主题entertaining 娱乐的amusing 逗人发笑的

a literary masterpiece文学巨著 a learned novelist一位博学的小说家a best-selling author 畅销书作家be popular with 受欢迎star in 主演


Charlie Chaplin, born in a poor family in 1889, succeeded in making a sad situation humorous. With great determination to overcome all difficulties, he finally became an outstanding performer remembered by people. Chaplin starred in many humorous films, such as The Gold Rush and Modern Times, which are still loved among people today. He astonished people with his particular form of acting. All in all, Chaplin devoted all his life to filmmaking and made a great contribution to it.


常用词汇:gesture手势express 表达feelings感情communicate with 交流facial expression 面部表情angry生气的represent代表at ease舒适show respect to对……表示尊敬look down upon 看不起misunderstanding 误会lose face丢脸cultural gap 文化差异body language身体语言impress 留下印象impression印象tradition传统on special occasions 在特殊场合serve 招待ceremony 典礼celebrate 庆祝

congratulate 祝贺make a face 做鬼脸keep in mind 记住……

ignore the tradition 忽视传统go wrong 错了


I Want to Smile

There are many advantages of smiling .It can not only make us happy, but also please others.If we smile at life, life will smile on us in return.So I want to smile at all whenever and wherever possible.

First , I would like to smile at my parents because they have given me life and take all the trouble to bring me up.They arrange almost everything for me.With their help, I have made great progress.I would like to say “Thank you” to them with a smile. Then my smile should go to myself, for only in this way can I gain more confidence in smiling my troubles away and live a better life.

In a word , let‟s greet every day with a smile.Tomorrow is another day.


常用词汇:entertainment 娱乐entertaining 娱乐的amuse 使娱乐amusing 令人高兴的amusement娱乐opera 戏剧delighted高兴的humor 幽默humorous幽默的sense 感觉imaginary 想象的inspiration 灵感romantic 浪漫的realistic 现实的instructive 有教育意义的moving/touching 感人的theme 主题unique独一无二的

take delight in 对……兴致勃勃 a sense of humor幽默感look with amusement饶有兴趣地看着 a focus of attention 关注的焦点a theme park 主题公园


The CCTV Spring Festival Gala has lost its attraction to some extent.However,

there are still lots of people who are fond of watching it since it provides a chance for family gathering, making people less homesick.

The CCTV Spring Festival Gala, also known as Chunwan, has been one of the most watched and favorable programs in mainland China.Almost all the people around me have the experience of watching Chunwan with their family members.

There is no denying that Chunwan has brought not only plenty of fun to people but also, served as a platform for many artists, who soon rise to fame after their appearance in Chunwan.

From my point of view, Chunwan is an indispensable activity in the New Year‟s celebration of my family. For one thing , Chunwan is elaborately designed with a number of wonderful performances like the Thousand Hands Buddist, which leave us audience a deep impression. For another , watching Chunwan with relatives is the most enjoyable thing in the New Year‟s Eve and nothing ca n be compared with such great fun.



science 科学scientist 科学家scientific 科学的challenge 挑战expert 专家specialist专家determination 决心perseverance 恒心self-confidence 自信hardworking 勤奋的modest 谦虚的put forward 提出draw a conclusion得出结论contribute to 有助于be enthusiastic about 对……热情 be fond of 喜爱feel like 想be crazy about 对……入迷be strict with 对……严格be exposed to 接触……be born in 出生于graduate from 毕业于make a contribution to 对……做出贡献devote oneself to 奉献于take an active part in 积极参与……be cautious about 对……小心谨慎


Qian Xuesen was born in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou on December 11, 1911.He is a scientist who was a major figure in the missile and space programs of both the United States and the People‟s Republic of China. He graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1934 and in the August of 1935 Qian Xuesen left China to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He went to work as head of the Chinese missile program immediately upon his arrival in China.By 1958 he had finalized (使最终完成) the plans of the Dongfeng missile which was first successfully launched in 1964 just prior to China‟s first successful nuclear weapons test.His program was also responsible for the development of the widespread Silkworm missile.He also contributed a lot to China‟s Higher Education.

In his late years, since the 1980s, he devoted himself to scientific investigation of traditional Chinese medicine.He died on 31 October, 2009.



province 省countryside 乡下island 岛屿consist of 由……组成be made up of 由……组成be divided into 分成break away from 脱离furnish为……提供家具furniture家具historic有历史意义的history 历史locate使……坐落于location位置size 尺寸square kilometers 平方公里position位置direction 方向population 人口ancestor 祖先beach 海滩coast海岸port港口canal 运河strait海峡dynasty 王朝at a distance of 在……的距离has a history of有……的历史with a

population of 有……的人口


T aiwan Island, the largest island in China, lies west of the Pacific Ocean, with the East Sea on the north and the South Sea surrounding its southwest.Taiwan covers a total area of about 46,000 square kilometers with a population of over 20,000,000.It‟s a place abundant in natural resources and bananas, rice, tea and other agricultural products are well-known both at home and abroad.The scenery is so beautiful and the climate is so pleasant that tourists come in large numbers for a visit from all over the world.Alishan National Scenic Area, lying in the northeast of Jiayi county on Taiwan Island, is one of the eleven scenic areas, which attracts thousands of tourists from home and abroad for sightseeing every year.



future未来plan计划prepare 准备wish 希望coming 到来next下一个oncoming 即将来临的tomorrow明天in the future 在未来make preparations for 为……做准备previous先前的in no time立即right away马上in time 及时with the hope/aim of 带着……的希望/目的face future面对未来 a promising future 光明的未来create a bright future with one‟s own hands 用自己的双手去创造光明的未来


New Socialist Countryside in the Future

With the efforts and support from the government in many aspects, a new socialist countryside will appear in China.There will be more new farmers with the basic knowledge of science and technology. With the help of scientists, farmers will use the latest technologies to increase agricultural production without harming the environment. As a result, the annual income of the farmers will be increased and their housing conditions will be improved as well and people in the new countryside will enjoy a clean, tidy and beautiful environment. Besides, the government will provide free compulsory education for kids and also perfect medical care system for farmers.



employ 雇佣look for 寻找take in 吸纳full-time 全职的part-time 兼职的well-paid 薪水高的be paid by the hour 按小时发工资requirement 要求resume 个人履历schooling 受教育情况subjects 课程working experience 工作经历qualification 合格证明transcript 成绩单health 健康状况present address 现在通讯地址apply for 申请……graduate from 毕业于major in 以……为专业degree学位scholarship 奖学金good grades 良好的成绩hobby 爱好favorite 最喜欢的be skilled in 在……方面熟练be good at 擅长……experienced 有经验的confident 自信的English and computer ability 英语和计算机能力healthy 健康的


A foreign trade company in Shenzhen is looking for two English interpreters who must not only have undergraduate diploma but also be able to speak English fluently. Besides, preference will be given to those who have foreign trade work experience. If you think you are suitable for the job, please remember to sign up at www.SZft.com and the deadline for your signing up is May,1st. And don‟t forget to come for the interview at the recruitment

office on the first floor on May 2. Finally, if you are accepted, your job mainly involves acting as an interpreter for foreign trade negotiations.



school rules and regulations 学校规章制度obey遵守observe遵守keep/observe discipline遵守纪律behave well表现良好be neatly dressed穿戴整洁respect one‟s teachers and parents尊敬师长be on time准时keep the environment clean保持环境干净civilized文明的break the rules违反规章制度discipline纪律spit吐痰throw rubbish everywhere乱扔垃圾cheat in the exam考试作弊get in line插队fight with sb.与……打架punish sb.for 因……处罚某人The students are told not to break any of the rules of the school.学校要求学生不要违反任何规章制度。The students are expected to…学校期望学生……It must be made clear that the students should …必须明确的一点是,学生应该………is of no good to a friendly

and harmonious society.……对创建友好和谐的社会是毫无益处的。It is honorable to obey the principles and rules of our school.遵守学校的规章制度是光荣的。It is worthy of praise to… ……是值得表扬的It is shameful to… ……是可耻的What we should do is that… 我们应该做的事情是……


Hello, everyone! I‟m glad to give you some knowledge about first aid when a fire breaks out.

First it‟s importan t to keep calm and escape safely from the exit as soon as possible. At the same time do call 119 and tell them the exact address on the phone. If you are trapped, be sure to close the door so that you can resist the intrusion of heat and smoke. Never forget to stand in front of an open window and shout for help with a wet towel covering your mouth and nose. Besides, if unfortunately you are burnt, cool the area of skin with running water and put a piece of dry clean cloth over it or go to hospital immediately.


常用词汇: art 艺术artist艺术家design设计paint 染料painting绘画painter 画家colour涂色draw绘画drawing图画creation作品creative有创造力的impressive令人印象深刻的figure塑像imagination想象力 appreciation欣赏exhibit 展品exhibition展览会sculpture雕像realistic现实的modern现代的masterpiece 杰作show one‟s talent for…展现对……的天赋 arouse/excite one‟s curiosity 激发某人的好奇心


A Different Mona Lisa

Thanks to a technical progress, one of Leonardo Da Vinci‟s classic works is now able to answer questions in Chinese.What‟s more, the visitors can reach o ut to shake her hands.Maybe we should congratulate art lovers because they have the chance to talk with her directly now.

The exhibition cost the sponsor about 50 million RMB.The sponsor said he wouldn‟t regret spending so much money, because his purpose was to let the public have a new access to art and appreciate it in a new way.

What would Mono Lisa say about her mild and mysterious smile?Is it beyond your

imagination?So treasure this precious chance and don‟t hesitate to talk with her now!


常用词汇:poem诗歌poet 诗人romantic浪漫的modern 现代的ancient古代的rhyme押韵nursery rhyme 童谣rhythm 节奏express feelings/emotions 表达感情convey information 转达信息sorrow 悲伤anger 生气ending 结局joy 快乐make sense 有意义give a deep impression on sb.给……留下深刻的印象common常见的translate into 翻译成transform 转换intonation 语调repetition 重复be popular with 受……欢迎in a free form 以自由体的形式


Ancient poems and modern poems

Last week our class had a heated discussion about which poems are more popular between ancient poems and modern poems.

About 42% of the students think ancient poems have beautiful rhythm and rhyme and that ancient poems have further meanings, which teach us a lot more. Besides, ancient poems are precious cultural heritage left by our ancestors so we should pass them on from generation to generation.

However, the other 58% of the students hold the view that modern poems are easier to understand and can express our different feelings and ideas easily. What‟s more, modern poems don‟t have to follow special patterns of rhythm and rhyme so we are free to express ourselves.

In my opinion, both ancient poems and modern poems are our national cultures and we should learn from them.


常用词汇:relax oneself 放松自己breathe fresh air 呼吸新鲜空气 energetic 精力充沛的build our bodies 增强体质do good to one‟s health.对某人健康有好处form the habit of getting up early 养成早起的习惯take exercise 锻炼身体keep fit 保持健康oxygen 氧气sleep disorder 睡眠不好go on a diet 节食green food 绿色食品physical fitness身体健康lose weight 减肥get rid of the bad habit of smoking 改掉抽烟的坏习惯do harm to one‟s health 对某人的健康有害处give up smoking 戒烟


As we all know smoking does great harm to human beings.More and more people have come to realize how serious this problem is.But they are never bored with it. Some people think it is a kind of fashion, some think it is of great fun and others think that smoking can refresh them.

However, smoking does cause many illnesses.A lot of people always cough because of smoking.The most serious illness caused by smoking is lung cancer. Meanwhile smoking is a waste of money.Besides, careless smokers may cause dangerous fires.

It‟s high time for smokers to give up smoking.


常用词汇:pollute污染environmental conservation 环境保护save energy/water 节约能源/水sort rubbish 垃圾分类recycle textbooks/trash 课本/垃圾回收利用ban smoking in public 禁止在公共场合吸烟improve our living condition 改善居住条件

keep the balance of nature 保持自然界的平衡ban the abuse of plastic bags 禁止滥用塑料袋Don‟t litter/spit everywhere 不随地扔垃圾/吐痰Waste is scattering here and there.到处撒满了废弃物。protect the environment 保护环境send out smoke and poisonous gases into the air 散发出烟和有毒气体cut down trees砍伐树木pour waste water into the rivers把废水注入河流It is a shame to throw rubbish

around.乱扔垃圾是可耻的。form good habits to protect the surroundings养成良好的习惯来保护环境take active measures to protect rare animals采取积极措施保护稀有动物take good care of our forests关心我们的森林plant more trees to improve the environment 多植树来改善环境The terrible pollution has done great harm to us as well as to the surroundings.可怕的污染已经给我们自己还有我们的环境带来了很大的危害。


Say “ No” to P lastic Bags

Since June 1st, 2008, plastic bags are no longer provided for free in the supermarkets. Different people have different opinions on this matter.

As far as I am concerned, the government is taking steps to protect our living environment. It‟s true that plastic bags make people‟s shopping more convenient. However, most people just throw them away after using them, and don‟t know how to deal with them. What‟s more, it will take a long time for plastic bags to break down. As a result, they can c ause serious pollution and do great harm to our surroundings, then to people‟s health.

Personally speaking, I fully agree with this policy.After all, it is good for our environment.And we could use bags made of paper or cloth instead of plastic bags when shopping.



hurricane 飓风storm 风暴thunderstorm 雷雨earthquake 地震flood 水灾typhoon 台风panic 惊慌volcano 火山erupt 爆发eruption 爆发atmosphere 大气层temperature 温度disaster 灾难lightning 闪电safe 安全的matter事情message 消息damage损害warming 警告predict 预测affect 影响environment 环境 the power of nature 自然的力量scientific equipment 科学仪器the local people 当地人burn to the ground 烧毁thick forest 茂密的森林nature reserve 自然保护区all over the world 全世界


Extreme weather

According to the passage, extreme temperatures happen much more frequently than ever before in European countries.These are largely due to the heat produced in cities and the circulation of the atmosphere.

Reasons for extreme temperatures are varied.For one thing, human‟s activities like burning fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide, which makes the globe warmer, causing the global temperature to go up.For another, people‟s cutting down trees that can absorb large quantities of carbon dioxide for furniture also contributes to the warmth of the earth, which gives rise to extreme temperatures.

Extreme temperatures can do a lot of harm to people‟s health.The heatwave or the

high temperatures can cause stress, worsening of diseases and even death, especially among children and old people. Therefore, to cope with the extreme temperatures, the most effective way is a global effort to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Individuals should use less energy, plant more trees and recycle materials because everyone‟s contribution counts.


常用词汇: harmonious 和谐的friendly 友好的civilized 文明的honest 真诚的credible诚信的be public-spirited 有公德心的be in order 有序的

peaceful 和平的help each other 互助care for each other 互相关心learn from each other 互相学习build 创建cherish珍惜take an active part in 积极参与promote the friendship 增进友谊improve the relationship 改善关系show love and concern for sb 爱护和关心某人

build a good relationship 建立良好的关系trust each other 彼此信任communicate with 交流、沟通the harmonious relationship between teachers and students 师生之间的和谐关系


Don‟t hesitate to say “No”

It is very difficult to say “No” to a request, especially to a request from a close friend. However , on some occasions, you have to say “No”. For example , suppose one friend of yours asks you to take exams for him, and he promises to offer you some material benefits.To such request, definitely, you should say “No”.

In real life, there are many people who do not say “No” when they should do so. There are several reasons for this practice .One important one is that they fear they would lose the friend.

When we should say “No”, don‟t hesitate to say so. Otherwise you do harm to both you and the one who made the request.For example, if someone bribes you and you don‟t say “No” to it, b oth of you may end up in prison.

So do not hesitate to say “No”, when you need to do so.


常用词汇: science 科学science and technology 科学技术information 信息email 电子邮件robot 机器人screen 荧光屏mouse 鼠标operate 操作

application 应用invent 发明invention 发明smart 聪明的

electronic 电子的laptop 手提电脑equipment设备software 软件data 数据 database 数据库battery电池chip芯片digital数字的

fax 传真remote 遥远的engineer 工程师update 更新virus 病毒

test out the theory by experiment 用实验检验理论turn out 结果是……

范例: (2011年广州市高三年级调研测试——读写任务)

Blogging has become increasingly popular among middle school students. Some

view it as a great way to share ideas and motivate students, while others fear it will interfere with students‟study.

There are arguments both for and against student-blogging.On the negative side, if students blog too frequently it may interfere with their study.And if they are completely unsupervised, some inappropriate topics may be discussed. On the other hand, blogging allows students the chance to write about the things that are most important to them.Because they are interested in those topics, they will be more motivated to write, thus practicing their skills.It will also give the blog-readers the chance to practice their reading skills, too.Furthermore, blog-based discussions will help to develop students‟ability to think independently and communicate with others. For these reasons, I am generally a big supporter of student-blogging.

Of course, there have to be some limits such as parents monitoring their children to make sure they don‟t spend too much time on it and the subjects discussed are suitable.


常用词汇:sea 海ocean 海洋water 水waterway 水道river 河流underground water 地下水waves 波浪deep 深的shallow 浅的dirty 脏的fresh water 淡水serious严重的 still 平静的terrible 可怕的sea port 海港bank 岸beach 沙滩surface 水面waves 波浪sea animals and plants 海洋动植物


Beihai Aquatic Products Museum(北海水产品展示馆) is located in the Seashore Park of Beihai City.Opened to the public in 1978, it is regarded as the largest aquatic products museum in China.Besides the sea animals and plants in South China Sea which are common in any kind of aquatic products museum, this museum also gives visitors an opportunity to see some special ones.A Dugong(美人鱼), which is quite rare on earth now, about 2 meters long, is now on display in the Sea Animal Hall.Some sea animals, such as the Chinese White Dolphin, which are protected by the Chinese government, are also on exhibition.


常用词汇: harmonious 和谐的friendly友好的civilized文明的honest真诚的

credible 可信的be public-spirited有公德心的balanced 平衡的be in order有序的peaceful和平的live in harmony生活和谐sustainable development可持续发展等help each ether互助care for each other互相关心 have deep love for 热爱be concerned with 关心

build创建 cherish 珍惜take an active part in积极参与pay attention to social moral 讲究社会公德protect the environment保护环境save energy节省能源No pains, no gains.不劳无获。

can be achieved by hard work……可以通过劳动获得

It is difficult to find work in the present situation.在当前形势下,很难找到工作。

It is honorable to … ……是光荣的。

If everyone…for others and the society, our world will be …如果每个人为他人和社会做……, 我们这个世界将会……

Every one should…and devotes himself to building our motherland into a strong country.每个人应该……,为把我们祖国建设成为一个强大的国家而奉献自己的力量。


Is the Spirit of Lei Feng out of style?

There are some voices claiming lei Feng‟s spirit has gone out of style in today‟s society.They reason that in commodity economy people should seek more practical things, such as fame, money and the comfortable life.To them nothing is more important than those things, which are often regarded as views of present generation.

There are some other voices claiming that the spirit of lei Feng still has an enormous echo in millions of Chinese people.The great soldier‟s story has such a strong influence on people‟s ideas, values and ways of life that in every field of society there arise countless “Living Lei Fengs”, who follow the example of Lei Feng and serve the people heart and soul.

In my opinion, the spirit of Lei Feng will never be out of date.Instead, it has been brought forward.Today more and more “Lei Fengs” are coming forth from various circles, among whom “Xu Hu” has already set a good example to the whole nation.The spirit of Lei Feng—an unselfish spirit will always encourage us to go forward.


常用词汇: Study学习,研究college大学institute学院department 部门,系

president 校长recommend推荐recommendation letter推荐信period时期,学时major in主修examination考试dismiss 解散,开除term 学期apply 申请timetable时间表quiz小测验optional lessons 选修课library图书馆librarian图书管理员curriculum 课程course课程test 测验effort 努力research 研究guarantee保证point 点,分数extra额外的qualify证明有资格qualification 资格,条件in terms of tuition 有关学费方面get/be admitted 被录取apply for the university申请那所大学spare no efforts to do不遗余力地去做quality education policy素质教育的政策


Study Overseas

With the improved living standard and China‟s being more open to the world, more and more young people choose to pursue their higher education in English speaking countries such as America, Britain or Australia.Frankly speaking, studying overseas has both advantages and disadvantages.

The main benefit of studying abroad is the academic one. Obviously in western colleges and universities, the laboratories are more sophisticated, and book resources more up-to-date. More importantly, they have first rate professors who are aware of the latest developments in their respective field.Hence, the standard of teaching is much higher. Besides , traveling abroad can broaden their mind and offer them greater opportunities to develop their independence.

Despite these obvious advantages, we should not overlook negative effects.One problem is the difficulty they have to adjust to a new culture.They may experience loneliness and homesickness, which will of course do harm to their study. Another is . the financial problem.It is not easy for ordinary students to cover high college cost.

While overseas study has its drawbacks, the advantages are obvious. Personally, I think it a good idea to study overseas , learning something different from our own country.



culture文化civilization文明education 教育schooling 教育literature 文学cultural symbols文化标志cultural background 文化背景

cultural differences 文化差异 elect 选举election 选举immigrate 移入immigration 移民入境immigrant 移民race 人种racial 种族的racism 种族歧视majority 大部分customs习俗hardship 苦难reform 改革civil 国内的,公民的state 州live on 以……为主食lead/live a…life 过……的生活make a living 谋生 settle down 定居settlement 定居点way of life 生活方式diversity 多样性


Although the United States and Canada have diversity, American culture and Canadian culture aren t too different and aren t too similar.The United States is referred to as “the great melting pot of society” where people of all nations join together to form “a more perfect nation”. While Canada on the other hand has been compared to a mosaic(马赛克), where people are invited to join the nation and still retain their cultural identities, complete with traditions, languages and customs.

When it comes to language in the United States and Canada they both have English as one of the main languages.Since a lot of people speak French and 20% of the population of Canada are French Canadian, on most things not only English is written but also is French, while in United States since they encourage people to be more into the “American culture” there will be less of different types of cultures but more of one.



topic 话题,主题heated discussion 热烈的讨论hot 热点differ 不同,差异different不同的ban 禁止object to 反对agree同意disagree 不同意be against 反对be for赞成in favor of 赞成reasonable 合乎情理的argument 争论advantage缺点disadvantage优点have an effect/impact/influence on 对……有影响affect影响be worth considering值得考虑be concerned about关心in terms of从……角度contribute to solving the problem of 有助于……问题的解决a sound attitude 正确的态度medical breakthrough 医学上的突破unethical 不道德的


With the College Entrance Exam coming, from time to time we hear students discuss whether Senior 3 students should take a lot of tonics (补品) to keep fit.There are different opinions about it.Some students object to taking tonics, because tonics will make them put on more weight, which is not appropriate for their health.

Moreover, the parents will have a great impact on the Senior 3 students if they show too much concern by offering them tonics, which is bound to bring more stress to the Senior 3 students.They will feel cast down and ashamed when they can‟t get a high mark as their parents have expected.Besides, they don‟t think their effort will pay off only if they take

tonics.However, some students-opinion completely differs from it.They are in favor of the opinion that it is easy for the Senior 3 students to feel tired by working hard, and tonics can help to bring themselves back to energy as soon as possible, so it is good to take some tonics.


常用词汇:invent 发明invention 发明inventor 发明家create 创造creative 有创造力的patent 专利spare time业余时间favorite最喜欢的interest兴趣hobby爱好appetite嗜好taste口味read novels读小说play football/basketball打足球/篮球surf the internet上网chat online在线聊天play games玩游戏collect stamps集邮make e-friends交网友climb mountains爬山watch TV看电视enjoy popular music喜欢流行音乐be interested in对……感兴趣develop an interest in 在……方面发展兴趣be fond of 喜欢… be keen on 喜欢…… have love for 喜爱……have a taste in对……有兴趣范例:

Leonardo da vinci, whose family was poor, was born in 1452.Besides painting, he also became interested in machines when he was a boy.By studying and drawing them, Leonardo gained knowledge about their design and structure.Different from others, his drawing skills enables him to produce clear drawings of his mechanical ideas easily.Even more than 150 years later, many of his designs can still be used to create perfect working machines.While making inventions Leonardo was also painting.Today we think of him as one of the greatest painters, but if he had never been a painter, we would still appreciate him as one of the greatest inventors of his time.



adapt 改编adaptation 改编本classic literature 古典文学

contemporary literature现代文学popular literature 大众文学novel 小说bestseller 畅销书masterpiece杰作play 戏剧story 故事ending 结局

pun 双关语act 幕scene场plot 情节episode 逸事poetry 诗歌

pronounce 发音pronunciation 发音classic 经典著作classical 古典的

be regarded as被认为…… make one‟s acquaintance与……结识

make a fortune 发财pass off …as 冒充……

in artistic terms 从艺术的角度来说


Review of Emma by Jane Austin

This book tells the story of a rich, young lady two hundred years ago who enjoys planning the marriages of all her friends.However, it turns out that her plans are not successful.It is a very amusing book which anyone will enjoy.

The part I enjoyed best was when Emma goes home with a young man who she thinks is in love with her friend.Only then does she discover that the man wants to marry her because she is rich.He proposes marriage and she is very shocked and rude to him.

The humor lies in the fact that Emma thinks she understands everybody around

her.In fact everyone else is more aware of the true state of affairs than her.

I enjoyed this book because it showed me that people can make themselves believe that what they want to happen will happen.


常用词汇:history历史in history历史上ancient古代的ancestor祖先dynasty朝代

date back to/date from 追溯到has/possess a history of 有……的历史historian 历史学家emperor 皇帝memory 回忆primitive 原始的unforgettable 难忘的remind …of 记起……memory 记忆 in memory of 为纪念…… look at the problem from a historical point of view 用历史观点看问题


Davidson Black was a Canadian doctor who helped develop the techniques that led to the discovery of the bones in the Zhoukoudian Caves, near Beijing.He was a specialist in the study of bones and found it challenging to search for and identify bones of early people.As the university in which he worked was aware of the significance of his work, they gave him ample free time to do the research.And at last, it was his assistant, Pei Wenzhong, who made the discovery of these primitive bones and sharpened stone tools.Dr.Davidson thought highly of Pei Wenzhong because of his talent and hard work.


常用词汇: sports 运动football足球basketball篮球running跑步swimming 游泳marathon 马拉松the Olympic Games 奥林匹克运动会sportsman 运动员athlete运动员break Guinness record破吉尼斯世界纪录conventional sport 传统体育gym体育馆sports can keep us healthy运动可以使我们健康take exercise做运动take part in different kinds of sports参加不同的运动spirit 精神motto 格言,口号inspiring鼓舞的impressive印象深刻的exciting 兴奋的fascinating 迷人的unbelievable 难以置信的be of significance 具有重要意义


常用词汇: sea 海ocean 海洋seaman 海员explorer 探险家coastline 海岸线seaweed 海草longitude 经度latitude 纬度water resource 水资源water pollution 水污染water shortage 水匮乏protect the water resources from being polluted 保护水资源不受污染take up 占据cope with the problem of water pollution 处理水污染问题范例:(10年福建高考题)

Ladies and gentlemen, Good morning.I‟m Li Hua from Fujian, China.It‟s my great honor to be here to say something about the global water shortage and ways of dealing with it. As we know, the global water shortage is becoming increasingly severe mainly due to global warming, environmental pollution and the ever-increasing population. Therefore, it‟s high time we did something about it.

Firstly, an effective way, I think, is to reserve water in a scientific way for future use.Secondly, new methods need to be developed to use the existing water resources, for example, turning sea water into fresh water.Thirdly, we must stop water pollution by law.Last but not least, it‟s everyone‟s responsibility to make good use of water, such as recycling and saving water in our daily life.

In conclusion, people around the world should be aware of the real situation of water shortage, protect the present water resources and explore potential ones scientifically.

That‟s all. Thank you.


常用词汇: geography 地理continent 大陆ancestor祖先beach 沙滩port港口dynasty朝代Oceania大洋洲Pacific太平洋primitive原始的desert沙漠industry 工业agriculture农业urban城市的rural农村的developed 发达的developing 发展中的promising有前途的prosperous繁荣的area地区population人口be situated in 位于……consist of由……组成own a diverse culture 拥有多元文化be rich in natural resources 自然资源丰富


Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand, well-known as the two main countries in Oceania, somewhat resemble each other but differ in some aspects meanwhile.

As for similarities, firstly, they are both located in the South Pacific Ocean, with very short distance between them. Besides, they both regard English as the official language, though they both own a diverse culture and various languages. In addition, both of them gain international fame for their large sheep population and prosperous wool industry. Distinctions are clear to see. Australia is composed of the Mainland and Tasmania, while New Zealand consists of the South Island and the North Island. Moreover, New Zealand has a smaller population of about 4,500,000, only one-fifth of that of Australia, a total of about 20,000,000. Furthermore, Australia resembles the USA in size.On the contrary, New Zealand covers an area smaller than Japan.


常用词汇: plant 植物flower 花branch 树枝bloom 开花seeds 种子root 根fade 凋谢in full bloom 正在盛开soil 土壤crops 庄稼grass 草with leaves 有叶子be aware of the importance of plants 意识到植物的重要性fragrant 芳香的live in special environment 生长在特殊的 环境


Lotus(荷花) lives in water.It can be divided into two parts.One part is made up of flowers and leaves, and the other refers to its roots.You can only see the flowers and leaves above the surface of water.The flowers are big and beautiful with light sweet smell giving out.The leaves look like big green plates covering the surface of the water

and supporting the flowers.The roots, growing deep into the mud of the pond, can be made into several kinds of foods.

Lotus is very popular with people because of its beauty and special spirit.A lot of famous poets, both ancient and modern, have written plenty of poems to praise lotus spirit of growing in the dirty mud but giving beauty to the world.And artists also draw pictures for it.



advertise 登广告advertising 广告业advert/advertisement 广告advertiser 广告商honest 诚实的honesty 诚实inform 通知information 信息technique技巧educate 教育be exposed to 接触be flooded with 泛滥成灾when it comes to advertising 涉及广告时it is one‟s duty to do 做……是 某人的责任have an influence on 对……有影响on TV 在电视上on the radio 在广播中in newspapers

在报纸上in magazines 在杂志上



Nowadays, more and more advertisements appear on newspapers, broadcasts, magazines as well as streets. People have different views on advertisements.

Some people think advertisements can help people to have a wide choice of goods and they help consumers know the goods and businessmen better.The consumers can gain not only knowledge of goods but also artistic enjoyment.

Contrary to those people, many others think advertisements are very unpleasant.Consumers are often cheated by the false advertisement on which consumers always waste a great deal of time.What is more, consumers felt annoyed to be interrupted when they are watching TV plays.So advertisements should be limited.

But whether you like it or not, advertisements have become a part of our life.

46.话题: 形容人性格的英语形容词




active 活泼的

able 有才干的,能干的;

adaptable 适应性强的

active 主动的,活跃的;

aggressive 有进取心的

ambitious 有雄心壮志的;

amiable 和蔼可亲的

amicable 友好的;

analytical 善于分析的

apprehensive 有理解力的;

aspiring 有志气的,有抱负的

audacious 大胆的,有冒险精神的;

capable 有能力的,有才能的

careful 办理仔细的;

candid 正直的

competent 能胜任的;

constructive 建设性的

cooperative 有合作精神的;

creative 富创造力的

dedicated 有奉献精神的;

dependable 可靠的

diplomatic 老练的,有策略的;

disciplined 守纪律的

dutiful 尽职的;

well--educated 受过良好教育的

efficient 有效率的;

energetic 精力充沛的

expressivity 善于表达;

faithful 守信的,忠诚的

frank 直率的,真诚的;

generous 宽宏大量的

genteel 有教养的;

gentle 有礼貌的

humorous 有幽默;

impartial 公正的

independent 有主见的;

industrious 勤奋的

ingenious 有独创性的;

motivated 目的明确的

intelligent 理解力强的;

learned 精通某门学问的logical 条理分明的; methodical 有方法的

modest 谦虚的;

objective 客观的

precise 一丝不苟的;punctual 严守时刻的

realistic 实事求是的;responsible 负责的

sensible 明白事理的;porting 光明正大的

steady 踏实的;systematic 有系统的

purposeful 意志坚强的;sweet-tempered 性情温和的temperate 稳健的;tireless 孜孜不倦的

Personality 性格

able 有才干的,能干的

active 主动的,活跃的

adaptable 适应性强的

adroit 灵巧的,机敏的

aggressive 有进取心的

alert 机灵的

ambitious 有雄心壮志的

amiable 和蔼可亲的

amicable 友好的

analytical 善于分析的

apprehensive 有理解力的

argumentative 好争辩的

aspiring 有志气的,有抱负的

attractive 有魅力的

audacious 大胆的,有冒险精神的

bad-tempered 脾气暴燥的

bigmouth 多嘴多舌的

bland 冷漠的

bossy 专横跋扈的

brave 勇敢的

brilliant 有才气的

capable 有能力的,有才能的

careful 办事仔细的

caring 有同情心的

candid 正直的

clever 机灵的,聪明的

charitable 宽厚的

cheerful 开朗的

childish 幼稚的

comical 滑稽的

competent 能胜任的

conceited 自以为是的

confident 有信心的

conscientious 认真的,自觉的considerate 体贴的

constructive 建设性的

contemplative 好沉思的

cooperative 有合作精神的

courageous 勇敢的,有胆量的

creative 富创造力的

cultured 有教养的

dashing 有一股子冲劲的,有拼搏精神的dedicated 有奉献精神的

demanding 苛刻的

determined 坚决的

devoted 有献身精神的

dependable 可靠的

diplomatic 老练的,有策略的depressing 沉闷的

disciplined 守纪律的

discreet (在行动,说话等方面)谨慎的dishonest 不诚实的

disorganized 无组织的

dutiful 尽职的

dynamic 精悍的

earnest 认真的

easy-going 随和的

efficient 有效率的

energetic 精力充沛的

enthusiastic 充满热情的expressive 善于表达

faithful 守信的,忠诚的

forceful (性格)坚强的

forgetful 健忘的

frank 直率的,真诚的

friendly 友好的

frugal 俭朴的

funny 有趣的,古怪的

generous 宽宏大量的

genteel 有教养的

gentle 有礼貌的


gullible 容易受骗上当的

happy 开心的

hard-working 勤劳的

have an inquiring mind 爱动脑筋的hearty 精神饱满的

helpful 助人的,有益的

helpless 无助的,没用的

honest 诚实的

hospitable 殷勤的

humble 恭顺的

humorous 幽默的

impartial 公正的

inconsiderate 不顾及别人的,轻率的independent 有主见的

industrious 勤奋的

ingenious 有独创性的

initiative 首创精神

intellective 有智力的

intelligent 理解力强的

inventive 有发明才能的,有创造力的

just 正直的

kind 仁慈的,和蔼的

kind-hearted 好心的knowledgeable 有见识的

lazy 懒惰的,懒散的

learned 精通某门学问的

liberal 心胸宽大的

logical 条理分明的

loyal 忠心耿耿的

mean 吝啬的

methodical 有方法的

modest 谦虚的

moody 情绪化的

motivated 目的明确的

narrow-minded 心胸狭窄的

nasty 下流的,令人厌恶的

nice 和蔼的,挑剔的,正派的

noisy 聒噪的

obedient 听话孝顺的

objective 客观的

open-minded 虚心的

optimistic 乐观的

orderly 守纪律的

original 有独创性的

outgoing 外向友好的

painstaking 辛勤的,苦干的,刻苦的passionate 充满热情的persevering 不屈不挠的pessimistic 悲观的

polite 有礼貌的

popular 受欢迎的

practical 实际的

precise 一丝不苟的

punctual 严守时刻的

purposeful 意志坚强的

pushy 有进取心的

qualified 合格的

rational 有理性的

realistic 实事求是的reasonable 讲道理的reliable 可信赖的responsible 负责的romantic 浪漫的,空想的

self-conscious 自觉的selfish 自私的

selfless 无私的

sensible 明白事理的sensitive 敏感的

sincere 真诚的

skeptical 多疑的

smart 精明的

sociable 好交际的

spirited 生气勃勃的sporting 光明正大的steady 塌实的straightforward 老实的strict 严格的

stubborn 顽固的固执的supportive 助人的systematic 有系统的

strong-willed 意志坚强的sympathetic确有同情心的sweet-tempered 性情温和的

talented 有才能的temperate 稳健的thoughtful 体贴人的

timid 胆小的,羞怯的tireless 孜孜不倦的tolerant 容忍的

trustful 容易相信人的trustworthy 值得信任的

understanding 理解人的ungrateful 不领情的unselfish 无私的

upright 正直的





现在的减肥药真的是真假难分,在选择减肥药的同时也应该更加小心,减肥药多种多样,那么如何才能选择最安全有效的减肥药,也成了很多小仙女的内心疑问,下面就跟着韩国伊人影院小编一起看一下,如何选择最安全有效的减肥药。 最安全有效的减肥药选购方法 1、首先需要观察产品的外包装,在包装中可以看到其配方是不是含有激素,含有激素的减肥药对身体的内..




随着现在流行以瘦为美,很多人会不顾身体的健康选择减肥药,达到快速减肥瘦身的效果,但是很多减肥药都是有副作用的,副作用比较轻的就是失眠现象,那么吃减肥药出现失眠是怎么回事儿?如果出现失眠后,我们应该怎样缓解? 吃减肥药失眠是怎么回事 减肥药中富含安非他命,所以减肥药服用了太多会有失眠现象,服用减肥药期间,身体会逐渐出现抗药性,身..