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一. 听力部分

二. 单项选择。


( ) 26. This is ______ film I’ve to ld you about several times.

---That’s great. I’ve never seen ______ more moving one.

A. a

B. the

C. /

D. an

( ) 27 The boy couldn’t ______ the question , and his face turned red.

A, reply B, replied C, answer D, reply to

( )28 ——would you please give this MP3 to Mary?

——Sure. I’ll give it to her ____ she comes back.

A. before

B. as soon as

C. till

D. yet

( )29. Do you have ________ to say? If not ,let’s have a break.

A. anything else

B. something else

C. nothing else

D. else anything

( ) 30. -------________ you ________ your homework?

------No, I _______. Wait for me a minute.

A, Did ,finish , didn’t B, Have , finished, haven’t

C, Do , finished , don’t D, Have, finish, haven’t

( )31. You must write as ___________ as you can.

A. more careful

B. carefully

C. careful

D. more carefully

( ) 32. You’d better _______ the words in your dictionary.

A, look for B. look over C, look across D, look up

( ) 33. The Great Wall is one of the man-made _____ of the world.

A, wonders B, sight C, view D, wonder

( ) 34 Chinese celeb rate Labor Day___ May1st.

A in

B on

C at D. of

( )35. ——Your picture is wonderful!

——I worked for eight hours ____ I finished it.

A. so that

B. before

C. while

D. after

( ) 36. This new watch is _______ than that old one.

A. expensive

B. much expensive

C. much more expensive

D. t e most expensive

( ) 37. We took a _____ by train to the Summer Palace last weekend.

A. travel

B. tour

C. visit

D. flight

( ) 38. The headmaster got ____ the car and walked ____ the school gate.

A. into; through

B. out; through

C. out of; across

D. out of: through

( ) 39. The Mid-Autumn Festival often takes place on August _____ in the lunar calendar.(农历).

A .the fifth B. the fifteenth C. fifteen D. five

( ) 40、________ is on the second Sunday in May in China.

A. May Day

B. Mother’s Day

C. Father’s Day

D. Dragon Boat Day

( )41. There_____ many students on the playground after school every day.

A. has

B. have

C. is

D. are

( )42 -----Excuse me, _____ is it to the nearest hotel?

-----About 15 minutes’ walk

A, How much B, How soon C, How far D, How long

( )43. ----- How much will it take to build this library?

------ _______ yuan.

A. Millions

B. Millions of

C. Million

D. Million of

( ) 44. When China’s National Day is coming , we often have ______ off.

A. seven days

B. seven-day

C. seven-days

D. seven day

( ) 45. ---- We’re going to Stonehenge to take a vacation.


A. What a pity

B. Good luck

C. Have a nice trip

D. All right


US President Barack Obama came to Shanghai on the night of November 15, 2009 and began his four-day visit to China. This was his first visit to China _46____ he became US president. In the following days he was very busy, __47___ he still spent some time visiting the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. It took him nearly one hour to __48___the Forbidden City on Tuesday. __49___ Wednesday afternoon, he took a quick __50___ of the Great Wall at Badaling. There, he enjoyed a moment of peace. His visit to Chinese places of interest showed his respect (尊重) to _51____ cu lture. And it was a good time for him to relax during a _52____ trip as well. He said, “The Forbidden City is magnificent (华丽的) place to visit and I will _53____ with my girls and my wife.” When he stood on the Great Wall, Obama said, “It’s magical (不可思议的).It reminds (使想起) you of the sweep (进程) of __54___.”In fact, Obama has always dreamed of visiting the Great Wall. Now he is really a __55___ man. Just as the Chinese saying, “He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man.”

( )46. A. when B. since C. because D. so

( ) 47. A. and B. if C. though D. but

( ) 48. A. visit B. travel C. go D. have

( ) 49 A. At B. In C. Of D. On

( ) 50. A. look B. photo C. tour D. bike





现在的减肥药真的是真假难分,在选择减肥药的同时也应该更加小心,减肥药多种多样,那么如何才能选择最安全有效的减肥药,也成了很多小仙女的内心疑问,下面就跟着TMBMIX-006小编一起看一下,如何选择最安全有效的减肥药。 最安全有效的减肥药选购方法 1、首先需要观察产品的外包装,在包装中可以看到其配方是不是含有激素,含有激素的减肥药对身体的内..




随着现在流行以瘦为美,很多人会不顾身体的健康选择减肥药,达到快速减肥瘦身的效果,但是很多减肥药都是有副作用的,副作用比较轻的就是失眠现象,那么吃减肥药出现失眠是怎么回事儿?如果出现失眠后,我们应该怎样缓解? 吃减肥药失眠是怎么回事 减肥药中富含安非他命,所以减肥药服用了太多会有失眠现象,服用减肥药期间,身体会逐渐出现抗药性,身..