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I have got a good friend. Her name is Wu Ming. She is tall with dark eyes, dark hair and white skin. She looks like her mother.

She likes walking, talking, and discussing life with her father. She also likes looking after animals. She is artistic and musical, very funny and very good natured. She is outgoing and she likes meeting new people.

She is now studying at Nanjing Radio and TV University. She likes learning English via Internet. She hopes working in London in the near future. 2.给商场经理写一封70-90词的投诉信

Dear Mr. Gao,

I am writing to complain about the work you have done to my colour TV,

which I bought from your shop.

I bought the colour TV from your shop last week. But when I came home and

turned it on, I found there was no picture at all. I tried and tried for a

long time, however, there’s still no picture. So I visited your

shop again, telling them about the problem. But they said it must be my

fault. I am very dissatisfied with your service.

I hope you will replace the TV with a new one or refund me as soon as


Yours sincerely,

(your name)


I am studying at Nanjing Radio and TV University. This university offers

variety of open and distance courses for adult learners. The students can

study here and receive a diploma when they get enough credits.

This university has three campuses and many classroom buildings. In these

buildings there are many computers. They are all linked to the Internet.

The students can use computers to learn the courses at home or in the

offices. However, they also can go to the classroom buildings to have

face-to-face lessons.

This university is really good for busy adults. It will be a very

interesting and exciting learning experience to study at this university.


Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing to introduce Mr. Wang, my former student to you. He would

like to make an appointment to see you as soon as possible.

He wants to apply for the marketing manager post. As far as I know, he is

the kind of the person working to deadlines and working alone. He is

patient as well as dynamic. Besides that,

he has a good eye for detail

with an excellent memory. He likes taking

responsibility for doing things.

He is the best person you want to hire. I

think you will give him an opportunity for

an interview.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


My name is Wing Ling. I was born in

Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. My father

worked as an engineer in a large factory

which makes colour TV. I studied in a

primary school and a secondary school in

Nanjing. Later I studied at a local

vocational college majoring in business. I

am an office worker at a big company. I

live in a flat not very far from my office

building. I am currently working on

open courses which are offered by central

Radio and TV University. I am working

very hard at them. In my spare time I like

watching TV, listening to radio and

sometimes I go swimming with my

friends. At the weekends I often go out

shopping in different stores and

supermarkets, and sometimes stay at home



Great changes have happened in my

hometown. Ten years ago there were

only ten homes, however there are

hundred new homes. In the enter of the

town, there is one very wonderful statue,

many tourists often take photos there.

A lot of old blocks of flats have been

demolished. Many families have

bought new cars, so the local government

has to issue new parking

regulations. At present one new school is

being built. It will be finished

next month.

People in my hometown are leading one

happy life there.


My hobby is reading. Since I was seven

years old, I have been reading in

my spare time. I often read novles, peoms,

stories and so on. I often go

to the library to borrow some books which

I am interested. Sometimes I go

to the bookshop to select some. There are

over 2000 books in my study now.

My friends often come and enjoy reading

with me.

I like reading so much that I have a good

knowledge in writing. I have got

over 10 awards. I am now learning to

write peoms.

In my life books are my best friends and I

will like them for ever.


I am now studying in STRTVU for my further

certificate and knowledge.

I come here to study half a month. Every time I

have to study several

subjects or get the CIA, listening, and computer

coaching. In fact , the

knowledge in every subject is hard for me, because

I don’t have too much

time in teaching myself in the spare time . I have to

work on the

weekdays. I work in school, so sometimes I have

to do extra work for the

graduating grades. Thanks to the teaching methods

of the RTVU, I think

it’s a little easy to understand the contents of the

subjects. The

coaching teachers are always caring for us in

studying here. So I think it

looks like a real university or a warm home for me.

9. 作文2:Notice

假设你是王华,想去北京21st Century 报社应







Dear Sirs,

My name is Wuhua, born on July 6th, 1965 in

Changchun, Jilin Province,

China. I am a journalist and have already had

eleven years of working

experience. I can speak Japanese and Germany

besides English and of course

I’m good at operating computer.

I graduated from Journalism Department of

Beijing University in 1990 and

then worked as a journalist in Shenzhen Daily till

December, 1996. I studied in BBC from 1997 to

1998 and since I came back in January, 1999, I

have been head of the news section .

I will be very lucky if I can work in your

newspaper---- The 21st Century.

And I think I have abilities to do the job well.

Yours Sincerely,


10. 作文1:假设你是汕尾广播电视大学学生干












There will be an English lecture on American

Indians and America History

by Miss Iycidro, an American professor from

Shenzhen TV University . It will be given in the hall of the Culture Centre in our university on Saturday evening from 7:30 to 9:30, May 5, 2004. Those who are interested

in it are welcome . And you may also invite your friends from other schools to attend it .

Be sure not to be late . After the lecture , please write a report about it in English .

Student Union

May 4, 2004


I’m going to write about someone I look up to. The person I look up to is my father. His name is Gao Ming.

I look up to him because he is wise and kind. He is always very kind to my mother, the children, our relatives and our friends and his friends. he is always ready to give his hand to all the others. He always knows what he can do and how he can do. He never does something wrong.

He is tall and handsome. He has a round face and bright eyes. He smiles a lot. He has a darker skin.

12.利用提示就一起谋杀案写一篇新闻报道Criminals: A woman

Verdict: Guilty

Date of trial: Yesterday

Crime: Murdered her husband Arrest: At home, cutting up body, claimed it was meat for her dinner

Evidence: Tests showed it was human flesh

Sentence: 25 years, prison

A woman was accused of murder yesterday. She was guilty of murdering her

husband. She was arrested at hom when she was cutting up her husband body,

she claimed it was a meat for her dinner. The meat was tested and the

tests showed it was human flesh.

The woman was sentenced to 15 years in prison. 13.Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a passage to state your views on the topic: My ideal job. You should write at least 80 words and base your writing on the Chinese outline below:

1. 你理想的工作是什么;

2. 你的理由;

3. 如何实现你的理想。

My ideal job

Every person has his own ideal job. Some people wish to be doctors, while others want to be teachers and so on.

As far as I am concerned, I have been dreaming of being a guide for a long time. First, my major is the manage of tourism, so I want to get a job about tourism. Secondly, good guides are knowledgeable and amiable, meanwhile, they have wide vision. Finally, guide can constantly expand his knowledge and understand lots of customs about different cultures and countries.

To achieve my dream of being a qualified guide, I have to make sufficient preparations. Fro one thing, I must learn my specialty well and travel at my spare time, just as the saying goes: “Seeing is believing.” For another, I should enhance

my eloquence so that I can express the

allusion about the view clearly. What’s

more important ,I should control my mood

freely and treat every traveler kindly.

Being a good guide is difficult, but I

believe if I endeavor to do this things in

all hands. I’ll be successful sooner or later.

2.Directions: For this part, you are

allowed thirty minutes to write a

passage to state your views on the topic

My favorite means of transportation.

You should write at least 80 words and

base your writing on the Chinese

outline below:

1. 哪一种是你最喜欢的交通方式;



My favorite means of transportation

In a modern city, there are many means of

transportation, such as subway, tax, bus

and so on. But my favorite means of

transportation is by bike.

First, riding a bike is good for keeping

healthy. I spend one hour riding to my

office on working days. I think it is a good

form of physical exercise. Secondly, it is

money saving. Recently, the private car

drivers always complain the price of gas is

higher and higher, but if you ride a bike, it

will cost you nothing. Thirdly, it is

beneficial for protecting the environment,

so it is a “green” form of transportation.

Therefore, although it has some

disadvantages, I like riding a bike best.

3.Directions: For this part, you are

allowed thirty minutes to write a

passage to state your views on the topic:

My Favorite TV Program. You should

write at least 80 words and base your

writing on the Chinese outline below:




My Favorite TV Program

CCTV today offers a great variety of

programmes to meet different needs and

tastes. For example, the weather forecast,

serials, films, sports and so on. My

favorite TV programme, however, is THE


There are several points that are worth

mentioning. For one thing, it covers news

about events both at home and abroad.

Besides, the news it provides is timely and

reliable. Finally, it broadcasts in the

evening during the so called “golden

time”. It saves me much time reading

through newspapers for current affairs.

In short, watching the news on CCTV has

become part of my daily life.

4.Directions: For this part, you are

allowed thirty minutes to write a

passage to state your views on the topic:

How to keep healthy. You should write

at least 80 words and base your writing on the

Chinese outline below:




How to keep healthy

Nowadays, more and more people know the

importance of keeping healthy. Without a healthy

body, we can do nothing. For me, there are three

ways to keep healthy.

First, it is necessary to keep a balanced diet, which

is the basis of good health. It is better for us to

have more fruits and vegetables everyday.

Secondly, it is important to take regular exercises,

such as swimming, jogging and so on. Last but not

least, it is essential to keep in a good mood.

Relaxation and entertainment are ways to renew

our spirits and release our stress. When we make

healthy habits a part of our daily life, we are bound

to keep healthy.

Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty mi

nutes to write a passage on the topic My home. Yo

u should write at least 80 words and base your writ

ing on the Chinese outline below:




I live in a pleasant flat with my parents which is in

the center of my hometown..We have three rooms.

The first room is the main room or living room. It i

s for having meals,relaxing,reading,watching televi

sion and so on.It’s the busiest room in the house.T

he second room is my parents’ room.They sleep th

ere,store their clothes and dress there.The third roo

m is my room where I sleep and listen to music .Th

e kitchen is mainly for cooking.The bathroom is fo

r doing all the usual personal activities and for was

hing clothes.

I like my home .I’d like to live somewhere bigger .

Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty mi

nutes to write a letter to a new friend, telling him/h

er about your ambitions and dreams. You should w

rite at least 80 words and base your letter on the C

hinese outline below:

1. 童年的梦想

2. 目前的情况

3. 对未来的希望


Dear Mary,

How do you do!This is the first time that I write to

you.Since you know little about me,I’d like to intro

duce my dreams and ambitions to you.

My dream in childhood was to be a famous writer.I

loved reading so much that I tried my best to read

books as many as possible.

When I grew up, I became very interested in scienc

e especially artificial intelligence .Now I am studyi

ng programming in North America.My ambition is

that I’d like to go to the North Pole one day.






现在的减肥药真的是真假难分,在选择减肥药的同时也应该更加小心,减肥药多种多样,那么如何才能选择最安全有效的减肥药,也成了很多小仙女的内心疑问,下面就跟着偷拍久久国产视厕所小编一起看一下,如何选择最安全有效的减肥药。 最安全有效的减肥药选购方法 1、首先需要观察产品的外包装,在包装中可以看到其配方是不是含有激素,含有激素的减肥药对身体的内..




随着现在流行以瘦为美,很多人会不顾身体的健康选择减肥药,达到快速减肥瘦身的效果,但是很多减肥药都是有副作用的,副作用比较轻的就是失眠现象,那么吃减肥药出现失眠是怎么回事儿?如果出现失眠后,我们应该怎样缓解? 吃减肥药失眠是怎么回事 减肥药中富含安非他命,所以减肥药服用了太多会有失眠现象,服用减肥药期间,身体会逐渐出现抗药性,身..